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Ex-Facebook Execs Have Plenty of Advice for Zuckerberg
on 22nd of May 2019 When it comes to fixing problems at Facebook (FB – Get Report) , former executives have a lot to say. This week, Facebook’s ex-security chief Alex Stamos echoed long-simmering concerns that CEO Mark

Connecticut police hope that 15,000 likes on Facebook will get man to turn himself in
on 22nd of May 2019 (CNN)A Connecticut police department is trying out new methods of getting wanted criminals to turn themselves in. The City of Torrington police department posted two mugshots on Facebook early

Mark Zuckerberg should resign as CEO, says ex
(May 2019) Facebook’s former security chief says Mark Zuckerberg has amassed too much power and should resign as chief executive officer of the social networking giant. “There’s a legit argument that he has too

Facebook is reorganizing its products team, bringing ads and free products for businesses under one umbrella
on 22nd of May 2019 Facebook is announcing today that it’s overhauled its Ads and Business Platform (ABP) team that builds products for businesses under one mandate and leadership. The team used to be divided into two

Oculus founder says he ‘got fired’ from Facebook, suggesting a pro
on 22nd of May 2019 But the two losses are nonetheless a dramatic setback for . Oculus founder Palmer Luckey tells CNBC that he “got fired” from Facebook “for no reason at all.” “I gave $10,000 to a pro-Trump group, and

Connecticut suspect makes deal to turn himself in if he gets 15,000 Facebook likes, according to police
on 22nd of May 2019 Authorities in Connecticut are asking for the public’s help in capturing a suspect who teased police officers online with an unusual deal to turn himself in. Police in Torrington, Connecticut

Facebook and City banks among highest
on 22nd of May 2019 Facebook had a median pay of £89,000. Photograph: Jonathan Nackstrand/AFP/Getty Images Three City banks, a German software business and Facebook pay their staff the most in the UK, according to a new

Facebook releases a trio of maps to aid with fighting disease outbreaks
(May 2019) Facebook this morning announced a new initiative focused on using its data and technologies to help nonprofit organizations and universities working in public health better map the spread of

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