3/17 WWE in Green Bay results: Braun Strowman vs. Baron Corbin in a No DQ match, Ronda Rousey vs. Dana Brooke for the Raw Women’s

Many things are taking place:

5 Worst WWE Women’s matches at WrestleMania

If rumours are to be believed, the WWE RAW Women’s Championship match is going to headline WrestleMania 35. It will be historic for female wrestlers everywhere if the biggest event in wrestling ends with either Ronda Rousey, Charlotte or Becky Lynch holding aloft the Women’s title to put the exclamation point on the show.

There was a time not long ago that women’s matches at Wrestlemania were just speciality matches intended as nothing more than a breather between high stakes matches involving men.

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10 Underrated Stars Who Deserve WWE WrestleMania 35 Matches

WrestleMania is the most important WWE pay-per-view of the year, so naturally, the company reserves most of the spots on the card for the biggest stars.

Recent years have featured more people thanks to men’s and women’s Battle Royals, but WWE has yet to announce those bouts for this year, which means fewer wrestlers are going to be featured.

However, WrestleMania is not exclusively for the biggest names. Many Superstars have gone from midcard players to a legit main eventers after having standout matches at ‘Mania.

If you look at the card on WWE.com, every performer booked for WrestleMania 35 except Shane McMahon is a former or current world champion. This article will look at some of the more underrated stars on the roster who deserve matches at The Show of Shows on April 7.

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Braun Strowman And 5 Major WWE Stars Who Will Be Shortchanged At WrestleMania 35

WWE is giving the short end of the stick to a number of top stars during WrestleMania season, including Braun Strowman.Credit: WWE.com

WWE has already penciled in most of its top matches for WrestleMania 35, and by the looks of things, many of the company’s most important stars will be shortchanged at its biggest pay-per-view of the year.

That has been the unfortunate trend in recent years when a slew of WWE’s top full-time stars have found themselves without substantial WrestleMania matches, at least in part because of the influx of part-timers that has become the norm in route to Mania each year. WrestleMania 35 will feature Brock Lesnar in the Universal title match, Triple H vs. Batista in a battle of two stars with a combined age of nearly 100, Shane McMahon in yet another high-profile bout and perhaps several more older veterans in some of the show’s most heavily promoted matches, including Kurt Angle and John Cena.

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It Looks Like WrestleMania 35 Could Be WWE’s Longest PPV Ever

The length of WWE PPVs, especially WrestleMania shows, has been a topic of contention among wrestling fans. While everyone wants to see their favorite wrestlers get the high-profile matches they feel they deserve, fewer people are vocal about wanting to watch a WWE Network program that could be six or seven hours long.

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