Victoria Secret. It wants to go “from sexy for a few to sexy for all,” CEO Martin Walters has said.

[ A Victoria’s Secret exec quit the brand because it made her feel she was ‘constantly trying to be someone else’ ]
Michelle Cordeiro Grant says she left Victoria’s Secret to set up her own lingerie brand, Lively after she no longer connected with the brand.

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After decades of sexually-charged advertising and raunchy runway events featuring models decked in angel wings, Victoria’s Secret is trying to move away from the male gaze. It wants to go “from sexy for a few to sexy for all,” CEO Martin Walters has said. It announced in June that it would axe the Angels for being “no longer culturally relevant.”

But such changes were championed by people at the company long before they actually happened. This was the case for Michelle Cordeiro Grant, a former senior merchant at Victoria’s Secret. Grant told Insider she believed it was absolutely a necessary change for the brand to ditch its Angels if they wanted to remain relevant in consumers’ eyes.

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Quite a lot has been going on:

Bridget Malcolm says she was told to do cocaine and have sex to lose weight while underage

Former Victoria’s Secret model Bridget Malcolm says she was told to do cocaine and have sex when she was a teenager – because an agent insisted it would help her to ‘lose weight’.’

The 29-year-old recalled the shocking advice in a new social media video, in which she opened up about the lasting mental and physical damage her time working in the fashion industry has left her with, detailing struggles with eating disorders, PTSD, and anxiety and depression.’

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J.Crew’s CEO wants to rekindle your love for prep

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Candidates for 2 St. George City Council seats share qualifications, vision for the city

ST. GEORGE ‘There are more than 10 candidates for two St. George City Council seats. As with any broad field of candidates, there’s a breadth of experience levels, ideas and values. St. George News posed three questions to each of these candidates to get a feel for who they are and how they’d lead the city of St. George.

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I’ve been married to Carol for 37yrs. and she’s the best! We’ve raised five daughters here in St. George. My daughters have blessed me with many grandkids that’s what inspires me to run. I’m a Rotarian and have served as a President for Red Rock Rotary. Our club supports over 14 scholarships with an emphasis on our youth. All our charitable contributions are raised by private donations and not tax dollars.

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I’ve Been Here Before: Holocaust and Reincarnation

The Secret Society is so recondite that most of its members are unaware that they belong. The qualifications for membership are Holocaust-related recurring dreams, panic attacks, fearsome flashbacks, or phobias of trains, showers, or uniformed men. Most of its members were born between 1945 and 1961, in North or South America, Europe, or Israel.

Although members’ individual experiences are unique, the common denominator, the secret handshake of this society, is a childhood obsession with the Holocaust by youths unrelated to Holocaust survivors, who never heard it discussed, who never saw a Holocaust movie until after their dreams, flashbacks, or phobias were already haunting their young lives.

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