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Add Performing Community Service While Black To The List Of Things That Make You Suspicious

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West Texas is being engulfed in the oil boom, and it’s struggling with an onslaught of problems
(Oct 2018) That’s bringing big profits to oil companies as well as lung-searing pollution to places where drilling has skyrocketed, while threatening . to the listing service Incomes are rising

Trans Is Beautiful: Laverne Cox on the Work of Self
(Oct 2018) While Cox and the role she is most known for have the common experience of being black trans women . but that doesn’t make you any less beautiful,’” she says. “You’re not beautiful despite those thi

Housing inequality can be both cause and effect of poverty in wealthy CT
(Oct 2018) Regis has since started a second job and said she will likely need a third if she hopes to rent another home in a safe community . renters make an average of $17.38 an hour, while the full

Vermont/Manchester: Reckoning with the Past and Wrestling with the Form Change Should Take
(Oct 2018) A pool hall, a bar, a shoe store, clothing shops, the wig stop, the swap meet that once stood across the street – he ticks off a list . of things changing for the community, they declared, the city

23 Inspiring Books Everyone Who Wants to Succeed Should Read
(Oct 2018) While . a full-service public relations, digital and creative agency that experienced year-over-year growth since its founding in 2012 and secured a place on the Inc. 5000 list for three consecutive

What Is Lost Ark Getting Up To?
(Oct 2018) Lost Ark is regarded by many as one of the most promising MMORPGs currently in development, and with good reason, I might add. It’s not easy to capture . and realizing that there was a never-ending

Backroads & Tom Hale: 40 Years of Adventure
(Oct 2018) Quality is at the core of everything we do – from hiring and training new leaders, to customer service from . But things change, and we’ve seen places like Cuba open up to US travelers. Are there an