‘Add ‘performing community service while Black’ to the list of things that make you suspicious’


The absurdity of the situation was so overwhelming that, for a moment, Shawna Harrell had to walk away from the state trooper in front of her.

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Here she was, garbage bag in hand on a highway shoulder ‘ elbows deep in bottles and needles and diapers discarded by other people ‘ trying to explain to a man with a badge why she was not a suspicious character.

The historically black Sigma Gamma Rho sorority’s Harrisburg, Pa., chapter had adopted a section of Interstate 83 near the Susquehanna River. And on Saturday, Harrell and other sisters grabbed bags, gloves and blue and gold T-shirts and went out to do some service’for their community. After a quick selfie in front of the Adopt-a-Highway sign stenciled with the sorority’s name, they had filled several bags.

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Black sorority members performing community service are questioned by police

At the end of a week that has been eventful for Black people taking part in ‘controversial’ activities ranging from napping to walking outside of their Airbnb guest home while melanated comes another case out of Harrisburg, Penn. Members of Sigma Gamma Rho sorority were performing community service by cleaning up the area around the 13th’Street exit of Highway 83 in Harrisburg when a state trooper pulled up behind the group of young women and asked them if they were fighting, Facebook user Shawna Naomi of Hershey, PA, posted on Saturday. The post has since been deleted.

‘I’ve never seen anyone out here cleaning and I’m responding to a call,’ the trooper said, according to the post.

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A State Trooper Stopped To Question Black Sorority Sisters While They Were Performing Community Service

A group of Sigma Gamma Rho sorority’sisters were’performing community service along a Pennsylvania highway this past weekend when a questionable interaction with a state trooper left many of them shaken.’
This incident is part of a larger series of recent events that have involved police being called or disrupting situations in which black folks’are just living their lives.According to a now-deleted Facebook post by Shawna N. Harrell, Esq., she was cleaning Highway 83 in Harrisburg, PA alongside her sorority sisters on Saturday when a state trooper pulled up behind them and began asking questions

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