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Add Performing Community Service While Black To The List Of Things That Make You Suspicious

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‘Bandersnatch’ Has Many Paths, but Do Any of Them Add Up to Anything?
(Jan 2019) “Bandersnatch,” the interactive “Black Mirror” movie that had . Netflix could make “Bandersnatch,” so it did, because . Netflix. [Here is The New York Times’s list of the best movies on Netflix righ

The Best TV Shows On Hulu Right Now, Ranked
(Jan 2019) While the service . TV shows of 2017 list). America as we know it is no more, taken over by a Christian fundamentalist organization and newly christened Gilead. However, things are not as

14 anticipated winter 2019 books to add to your reading list
(Jan 2019) Lipsyte told Publishers Weekly “Hark” is “a comic novel about very unfunny things . of the Speculative Service, who tracks untruths. It is, on other words, fiction about a place where fiction is a p

The Top 5 Stocks to Buy for 2019 Under $100
(Jan 2019) Here’s a list of the companies, with a much more detailed explanation following. Quick note: “SaaS” stands for “software as a service” — a business model . and lack of a dividend all add up to make

The Technology 202: Venture capitalists balk at proposed export limits on AI, quantum computing
(Jan 2019) While artificial . as the drone-service companies AirMap and Kittyhawk said they demonstrated a new system to track different kinds of drones, according to the Wall Street Journal’s Andy Pasztor. Th

Put these on your list of food trends for 2019 | Charlotte Observer
(Jan 2019) Green or black tea is sipped through a cap of cream cheese blended with cream or condensed milk, which can be either sweet or slightly salty. It’s already a hit in San Francisco, where they make . i