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Alabama Abortion Law Alabama Just Criminalized Abortions For Women And Every Single Yes Vote Was Cast By A White Man

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Alabama just criminalized abortions – and every single yes vote was cast by a white man
(May 2019) Twenty-five members of the Alabama State Senate voted to pass the nation’s most restrictive abortion bill on Tuesday — and every single one . four are women, and they are all Democrats. All 25 of

‘Women will die’: how new abortion bans will harm the most vulnerable
(May 2019) There were 25 yes votes, enough for the bill to pass easily. Every single one was cast . Reuters Alabama’s ban, signed on Wednesday by the governor, Kay Ivey, is the strictest of any state, but just

Conceived in rape, I am the 1 percent used to justify 100 percent of abortions
(May 2019) They ignore all the prolife women . laments: “Alabama just criminalized abortions — and every single yes vote cast by a white man.” Gasp! Didn’t know it was a crime to be a white male politician.

I Am the 1 Percent Used to Justify 100 Percent of Abortions
(May 2019) Vermont just passed H57, which eliminates all abortion restrictions, allowing abortion up until birth. The legislation also decriminalizes self-induced (aka “back alley”) abortions.

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