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Alabama Senate Passes Near Total Abortion Ban

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Planned Parenthood, other health clinics sue Alabama over near
(May 2019) Planned Parenthood and the Alabama Women’s Center on Friday filed suit against the state of Alabama to block the nation’s most restrictive abortion law. The near-total ban . State lawmakers have

Alabama Senate passes near-total ban on abortion, sends bill to the governor
(May 2019) Alabama’s legislature passed a near-total abortion ban. The bill now goes to Gov. Kay Ivey. The Wall Street Journal.

Alabama’s Senate Just Passed a Near-Total Ban on Abortion
(May 2019) Alabama’s Senate passed a near-total ban on abortion Tuesday, sending what would be the nation’s most stringent abortion ban to the state’s Republican governor.

Alabama state Senate passes near total abortion ban in direct challenge to Roe v. Wade
(May 2019) The Alabama state Senate on Tuesday approved a bill essentially banning abortion in the state, a move specifically aimed at challenging more than 40 years of federal abortion protection under Roe v.

Alabama abortion bill: Senate passes near
(May 2019) A link has been posted to your Facebook feed. The Alabama Senate Tuesday passed a bill criminalizing abortion in nearly all cases, approving the most sweeping restrictions on the procedure in the

Alabama Senate Passes Near-Total Abortion Ban
(May 2019) (CNN) — Alabama sent the most restrictive abortion bill in the country to the governor’s desk Tuesday night, with the state’s Senate passing legislation that could punish doctors who perform

Alabama Senate passes near-total ban on abortion, sends bill to governor
(May 2019) Alabama lawmakers have passed a near total ban on abortion. If signed into law, it would be the most restrictive abortion measure in the United States. The state Senate on Tuesday passed the bill that

Alabama Senate Passes Near-Total Abortion Ban Bill
(May 2019) The Alabama Senate just passed a near-total abortion ban bill. The Wall Street Journal.

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