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Angry Furloughed Federal Workers Protest Shutdown At The White House Around The Country

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Angry furloughed federal workers protest shutdown at the White House, around the country
(Jan 2019) Hundreds of furloughed government workers and contractors descended on the White House on Thursday to plead to be allowed to return to work. Holding signs such as “Stop the war on workers” and “We wan

Angry workers condemn government shutdown
(Jan 2019) And he’s promising to keep the federal . White House. Trump should be on the Hill negotiating to put people back to work. This shutdown has to end, and it has to end now!” “This is another manufactu

What we saw at this year’s Women’s Marches
on 23rd of Jan 2019 If the protests surrounding the Supreme Court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh has taught us anything, there is an angry opposition . removal because of the federal shutdown. Like marches in

Federal workers demand end to government shutdown at White House protest
(Jan 2019) WASHINGTON – Furloughed . Employees. “Surround our house with our workers.” The protest came amid a partial shutdown that has left nine federal departments and several agencies closed since Dec. 22.

As shutdown drags on, McConnell heads home to Kentucky, leaving Democrats angry
(Jan 2019) to ensure furloughed workers will get back pay once the shutdown is over. “I do want to express appreciation to the Majority Leader,” Kaine said. “I applaud him for reaching out to the White House and

US shutdown after four weeks – food banks and job fairs
(Jan 2019) Washington (AFP) – Four weeks into the US government shutdown . meals to hard-hit workers on Pennsylvania Avenue — halfway between the White House and Congress. In Pennsylvania, West Virginia and o

House Dems add $1 billion in border spending to reopen government
(Jan 2019) News of the Democrats’ plan comes hours before Trump is scheduled to give a live address at the White House . on shutdown impacts Ellen DeGeneres buys cheesecakes from furloughed federal workers

The Daily 202: Davos is in decline as elites fail to tackle the globe’s biggest problems
(Jan 2019) On Friday, crowds of furloughed federal employees poured into . about Trump berating former House speaker Paul Ryan: “Trump watched on television, increasingly angry as [Ryan] criticized his handlin