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Why This Could Be The End Of Facebook Live
Mar 24th, 2019 01:03 UTC There was always a likelihood that enabling the population of the world to live broadcast whatever and whenever they wanted on Facebook Live might need a rethink. And whilst Christchurch has amplified

This tech executive left a steady job at Facebook and switched careers, raising more than $5 million for a gaming startup
Mar 24th, 2019 04:02 UTC For many people with an interest in a tech career, a job at Facebook would be the pinnacle. So when Nikki Lannen left her role as a high-level marketing executive at the company’s Irish office in 2014

Facebook Ever-More Vulnerable to Policy Risks, Analysts Warn
on 23rd of Mar 2019 Facebook Inc. is contending with a growing array of bi-partisan criticism and fresh regulatory issues which may pose increasing risk to its unique advertising-revenue-based business model

Facebook Did Not Securely Store Passwords. Here’s What You Need to Know.
(Mar 2019) SAN FRANCISCO — Facebook said on Thursday that millions of user account passwords had been stored insecurely, potentially allowing employees to gain access to people’s accounts without their knowledge

Facebook admits it stored ‘hundreds of millions’ of account passwords in plaintext
(Mar 2019) Flip the “days since last Facebook security incident” back to zero. Facebook confirmed Thursday in a blog post, prompted by a report by cybersecurity reporter Brian Krebs, that it stored

Facebook employees given access to hundreds of millions of users’ passwords
(Mar 2019) When it comes to Facebook and security it seems there is one potentially damaging lapse after another. The latest was uncovered by the KrebsOnSecurity security news site, flagging hundreds of millions

Facebook stored hundreds of millions of passwords in plain text
(Mar 2019) Facebook stored passwords for hundreds of millions of users in plain text, exposing them for years to anyone who had internal access to the files, according to Krebs on Security. User passwords are

Over 20,000 Facebook employees had access to 600 million user passwords
(Mar 2019) It will notify hundreds of millions of users after discovering credentials were stored in plain text. It’s a day of the week ending in the letter “y,” so it should come as little surprise there’s news

Facebook says it left ‘hundreds of millions’ of users’ passwords stored in plain text
(Mar 2019) Facebook on Thursday said that it had left “hundreds of millions” of users’ passwords exposed in plain text, potentially visible to the company’s employees, marking another major privacy and security