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Paedophile tradie used Skype to have ‘relationship’ with two young girls in Philippines
(Jun 2019) A convicted paedophile who used Skype to carry out an online relationship with two Filipino girls under the age of eight, has been jailed for more than seven years. Matthias Wolfgang Baden, 58,

Skype: Now you can share your Android or iOS screen during calls
(Jun 2019) With Skype, you can already share your screen with others using the desktop version of the software, and from today you can do the same using Android and iOS devices. To use the new feature, tap

Skype publicly launches screen sharing on iOS and Android
(Jun 2019) Skype is taking one of its most popular desktop features to mobile devices: screen sharing. The company announced on Tuesday that its mobile screen sharing feature is now out of beta testing

Skype screen sharing comes to Android and iOS
(Jun 2019) Skype often with your smartphone? You’ll be pleased to know that starting today, you’ll be able to share your screen if you’re on a supported Android or iOS device, and that Skype’s mobile

18OO24676O9 How to number and Delete Your Old SKYPE Email Address
(Jun 2019) We provide you with complete tech s support for . You will need SKYPE FD LASER credentials for setup and access. No need to wait for our expert technical team is available toll free number.

Skype gains screen sharing on iOS and Android phones
(Jun 2019) Skype now supports Screen Sharing on iOS and Android. Mobile versions of Skype can easily hide controls for Screen Sharing and more. Screen Sharing requires iOS 12 and up and the latest version of

Skype brings screen sharing to Android and iOS devices
(Jun 2019) The feature is making its way out of beta and into non-testers’ phones. Skype has officially launched screen sharing for Android and iOS devices less than a couple of months after the feature rolled

Surgical Skype
(Jun 2019) In a country with limited resources, might social media be useful in the post-surgical care of patients in their own homes? That is the question researchers from India hope to answer with their

Convicted child sex offender behind bars again for illicit Skype relationship with Filipino children under the age of 12
(Jun 2019) A 58-year-old convicted child sex offender will spend at least seven years and four months behind bars for using Skype to conduct a sexual “live distance” relationship with two young children in the

Skype Now Lets You Share Your iPhone and Android Sccreens
(Jun 2019) Microsoft is rolling out a new update to Skype on mobile devices. The company introducing somewhat of an important feature for Skype on iOS and Andriod, and I think a lot of people are going to love

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