Anti-Muslim Activist Laura Loomer Banned From CPAC After Harassing Reporters

Loomer, who has already been banned from Twitter and Uber, was banned from conservative gathering on Saturday shortly before President Trump was supposed to take the stage.

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The Conservative Political Action Conference banned anti-Muslim provocateur Laura Loomer from its final day on Saturday, after she used her media credentials to harass reporters.

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Instead, the security guards took away her media pass. Loomer was blocked from entering CPAC shortly before Donald Trump addressed the crowd.

‘I’m one of Trump’s biggest supporters,’ Loomer said in the video. ‘I have 265,000 followers on Twitter, before I was banned.’

Loomer has organized a series of publicity stunts since being banned from Twitter last year. In November, Loomer chained herself to a door at Twitter’s headquarters to protest her ban.

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Weekly Hit & Run Archive – Reason

This is what I’m thinking as I work up the courage to attend the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), held annually just outside of Washington, D.C. The event, sponsored by the American Conservative Union, officially started today and thousands of conservatives are out in force. CPAC started in 1974 and there was a time in the Aughts when it routinely reached out to libertarians and even groups such as the ACLU. Over the years, Reason people, including myself, have spoken on panels there. But that was then and this is…a weird political moment where the Republican president is chumming it up with a North Korean dictator while his former personal lawyer and fixer is testifying about his boss’s alleged high crimes and misdemeanors before Congress. And the House is rejecting the president’s emergency declaration about a Southern border crisis. These are not normal times, so is there any reason to expect CPAC to be an island of normalcy? Probably not, especially given some relatively recent highlights of the conference.

Column: I’ve been Silicon Valley sharia’d

The Twitter notice assured me that the company “has not taken any action on the reported content at this time,” yet advised me that I should “consult legal counsel about this matter” in response to complaints from unnamed “authorized entities.”

* * *

Thirteen years later, however, who knew that using an American company’s microblogging service from my secluded mountaintop in Colorado could get me in hot water with foreign Muslim stone-age goons 8,000 miles away still hung up on the cartoons.

* * *

This is all of a piece. As I reported in December, citizen journalist Laura Loomer was banned from Twitter for stating true facts about radical Muslim Rep. Ilhan Omar’s embrace of sharia laws that threaten gays, Jews and women. Loomer has since been deplatformed from PayPal and just learned she can no longer sell T-shirts protesting Twitter’s ban with the hashtag #StopTheBias on Teespring.

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At 20, Jacob Wohl wants to be the face and voice of young Jewish Trump supporters

Jacob Wohl describes himself as a conservative, a Zionist and one of President Trump’s most loyal supporters. (Screenshot from YouTube)

NEW YORK (JTA) ‘ If you scroll down the Twitter feed of Jacob Wohl, former teenage hedge fund manager and current pro-Donald Trump provocateur, you’ll see a stream of insults directed at Robert Mueller, liberals and a proposed plastic straw ban.

* * *

To his 158,000 followers, Wohl, 20, describes himself as ‘Conservative, Trump Supporter, Zionist.’ So he seemed like an interesting person to profile for JTA. And in the 19 minutes before he hung up on me, Wohl said his share of interesting things.

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Scaled-down, but still angry: Third Annual Women’s March

Demonstrators hold up their banners as they march on Pennsylvania Avenue during the Women’s March in Washington on Saturday, Jan. 19, 2019. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana)

* * *

Amid internal controversies and a capital city deeply distracted by the partial government shutdown; the third Women’s March returned to Washington on Saturday with an enduring message of anger and defiance aimed directly at President Donald Trump’s White House.

The original march in 2017, the day after Trump’s inauguration, flooded the city with pink-hatted protesters. The exact size of the turnout remains subject to a politically charged debate, but it’s generally regarded as the largest Washington protest since the Vietnam era.

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