He and my aunt have a son (my cousin), and he is aware of this, but my aunt and uncle are not.

[ Ask Amy: Our whole family knows the secret except for unsuspecting dad ]
Dear Amy: When doing a DNA test, I discovered that my uncle (who is now 95 years old) has a son he didn’t know about and has never met! Columnist This son is now about 75, and lives in another state.

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Our whole family now knows about our uncle’s son, but we are hesitant to inform him. He and my aunt have a son (my cousin), and he is aware of this, but my aunt and uncle are not. They have been happily married for years.

My uncle is doing very well, but we are concerned about causing any upheaval at his age. Should we tell him about his long-lost son? Or should we avoid any potential turmoil that learning about this could cause?

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Dear Perplexed: This decision should be up to your cousin (your uncle’s son, who you say is aware of this DNA discovery).

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