Banned Drag Racing Champ Sues NHRA Over Two

Multi-seat versions of traditional one-seater race cars such as open wheelers have become popular in recent years,

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With what he took as the NHRA’s approval, and significant interest from the public, Dixon collaborated with a Philadelphia-based businessman by the name of Nick Salamone to build a demonstration vehicle based on the chassis of a Top Fuel car. This specific chassis had reportedly raced in NHRA Top Fuel and still carried its official safety inspection stickers. Banned Drag Racing Champ Sues NHRA Over Two-Seater Top ... banned-drag-racing-champ-sues-nhra-over -two... Banned Drag Racing Champ Sues NHRA Over Two-Seater Top Fuel Dragster Conflict Two-time NHRA champion Larry Dixon's Top Fuel car for two got him a ban, which his lawsuit says is depriving him of ... Dixon and Salamone’s joint venture Championship Adventures displayed the two-seater Top Fuel concept at SEMA in 2017, but rather than escalating public interest in the car, this is where things started to head downhill for Dixon.

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Many things are taking place:

Drag racer Larry Dixon sues NHRA, claims wrongful suspension and blacklisting

Champion drag racer Larry Dixon of Avon has filed a federal antitrust lawsuit against the National Hot Rod Association, alleging the California-based organization’which owns Lucas Oil Raceway in Brownsburg’wrongfully suspended and blacklisted him in 2017.

At issue is Dixon’s private development and exhibition of a two-seater dragster car, which gives paying fans the ability to partake in the thrilling speeds of drag-racing as a passenger. Auto News & Car Reviews – Banned Drag Racing Champ Sues ... banned-drag-racing-champ-sues-nhra-over -two-seater-high-gas... Banned Drag Racing Champ Sues NHRA Over Two-Seater High Gas Dragster Battle. Posted in Auto News, United States, USA Auto News. Nationwide Sizzling Rod Affiliation High Gas champion Larry Dixon is suing the NHRA over a lifetime ban from the game that he says was motivated by a need to monopolize the enterprise of promoting “expertise” rides ... He rolled out the two-seater to capitalize on the growing fan-experience market as drag racing enjoys a resurgence in popularity.

The complaint, filed April 11 in Indianapolis, alleges Dixon’s two-seater dragster was blacklisted from more than 140 NHRA-member racetracks, a snub he believes is aimed at giving other two-seaters the NHRA endorsed a competitive’edge.

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NHRA: Savoie ready to regain winning ways at BIR

At 58 years old, it’s not that Jerry Savoie doesn’t care. He just doesn’t care about what others think.

The White Alligator Racing Suzuki rider will defend his Lucas Oil Nationals Pro Stock Motorcycle championship Friday through Sunday, Aug. 17-19, when the NHRA visits Brainerd International Raceway.

Up to this point, however, it hasn’t been an easy ride for the Louisiana alligator farmer who sits in fifth place in the motorcycle standings. DIXON SUES NHRA FOR ALLEGED BLACKLISTING, WRONGFUL ... drag - racing /news/dixon- sues - nhra -for-alleged-blacklisting-wrongful... DIXON SUES NHRA FOR ALLEGED BLACKLISTING, WRONGFUL SUSPENSION ... Dixon’s suit charges that the NHRA ’s action was “an obvious effort to use NHRA ’s unfettered control over professional drag racing to control the market in which two-seater exhibition cars compete for business.” The complaint says Dixon “has now been entirely deprived ... He is qualified for the Countdown to the Championship, but mechanical issues are keeping him from celebrating.

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“In Sonoma the LE (Tonglet) bike went into the 70s, mine couldn’t go past 85 and it’s because we were having some issues and you could definitely tell the difference between the two bikes.

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NHRA orders three-time Top Fuel champ Larry Dixon to remove sponsor logo

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