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Facebook cracks down on extremist conspiracy group QAnon for hijacking Save the Children movement
on 30th of Sep 2020 Facebook is cracking down on QAnon for hijacking the Save The Children movement to push false allegations of pedophilia against Biden, Democrats.

Facebook will ban any ads supporting Qanon and militarized social movements
on 30th of Sep 2020 Facebook on Wednesday announced that it will now ban any ads in support of the far-right group Qanon and any militarized social movements.

Facebook has removed more than 6,500 militia groups and pages
on 30th of Sep 2020 Facebook has removed more than 6,500 pages and groups associated with “militarized social movements,” since the company announced it would crack down on QAnon and militia movements on its platform

Facebook sees uptick in Proud Boys content after presidential debate
on 30th of Sep 2020 Facebook Inc identified an “uptick” in content related to the far-right Proud Boys on Wednesday, after President Donald Trump declined to condemn the group during Tuesday night’s presidential debate,

Biden transition elevates former Facebook exec as ethics arbiter
on 30th of Sep 2020 The ultimate arbiter for ethics for the Biden transition was a senior regulatory official for Facebook up until a few months ago, at a time when progressives and the Biden campaign are fighting

Facebook bans U.S. ads that call voting fraud widespread or election invalid
on 30th of Sep 2020 Facebook Inc on Wednesday banned ads on its flagship website and Instagram photo and video sharing service that claim widespread voting fraud, suggest U.S. election results would be invalid, or

Facebook removes dozens of Trump ads that falsely blamed refugees for spread of COVID
on 30th of Sep 2020 Several variations of the ad, which labeled some countries as “terror hotspots,” ran in swing states before they were removed by Facebook.

Facebook removes Trump ads on refugees and Covid
on 30th of Sep 2020 Facebook said Wednesday that it had taken down ads from the Trump campaign that claimed without evidence that accepting refugees from abroad would increase risks related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Facebook, Instagram Users Will Soon Be Able To Send Each Other Direct Messages
on 30th of Sep 2020 This is part of Zuckerberg’s ambitious plans to merge all of Facebook’s messaging platforms through interoperability.

Facebook Merges DMs for Instagram and Messenger
on 30th of Sep 2020 One of the last major firewalls standing between Facebook’s family of apps is no more: Starting today, Instagram users can message people on Facebook, and vice versa. How? Messenger, the

Coronation Street Dev Alahan. IF Selling Sunset wet your appetite for hot realtors and expensive properties, then we have got just
(since Sep, 2020) CORONATION STREET resident Dev Alahan's debts are getting uncontrollable; is the only way his business can survive to make an insurance scam?

EastEnders Tamzin Outhwaite Tom Child. The actress, who has Florence, 12, and Marnie, eight, with ex Tom Ellis, recently returned to work
(since Sep, 2020) FORMER EastEnders star Tamzin Outhwaite, 49, has praised her boyfriend Tom Child, 29, for looking after her children while she works ' The actress, who has Florence, 12, and Marnie, eight, with ex Tom Ellis,

Coronation Street Nicky. However, the widower was actually paying for her company and a listening ear.
(since Sep, 2020) Coronation Street's Nicky Wheatley made her first appearance back in June, meeting Daniel Osbourne (Rob Mallard) at a business function ' When Daniel saw her again, we discovered that the young woman has been making a living as a sex worker.

Simon Lennon Danny Miller Emmerdale. Small plates £4.50-£9.50, big plates £8.50-£17.50, desserts £3.50
(since Sep, 2020) 'Emmerdale' newcomer Simon Lennon admits knowing Danny Miller - and working with him on a short film earlier this year - has helped their soap performances ' This may worth something: ' Simon Lennon thinks Danny Miller friendship helps Emmerdale .

Emmerdale Meena. Meena caused chaos last week following her debut, as she flirted with Billy Fletcher and got on the
(since Sep, 2020) Emmerdale's latest character to hit the Dales is hiding a secret past, with Meena leaving sister Manpreet Sharma reeling with her arrival ' Meena caused chaos last week following her debut,

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