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Dropbox shares soar 15% on earnings beat
on 20th of Feb 2020 Dropbox shares rose as much as 16% on Thursday after the company reported better-than-expected fourth-quarter results. Here’s how the company did: Earnings: 16 cents per share, adjusted, vs. 14 cents

Facebook will pay for user recordings to improve speech recognition
on 20th of Feb 2020 Don’t expect to get rich quick. Facebook may have stopped listening to and transcribing Messenger voice chats, but it still needs voice recordings to improve its speech recognition technology. So the

Facebook and Sony to Skip Game Developers Conference over Coronavirus Worries
on 20th of Feb 2020 (photo credit: GDC) The coronavirus’s rampage on the world’s biggest trade shows continues. On Thursday, both Facebook’s Oculus VR division and Sony said they were withdrawing from the the upcoming

Facebook will pay users for access to their audio recordings
on 20th of Feb 2020 A few months ago, Facebook and a number of other companies — including Amazon and Apple — found themselves embroiled in a bit of a controversy regarding the review of audio recordings. Specifically,

Facebook ‘Likes’ of Anti-Semitic Posts Could Be a Crime in Switzerland
on 20th of Feb 2020 Using Facebook Inc.’s “like” or “share” button to distribute right-wing or anti-semitic material could be a crime if the information ends up being circulated to a third party, Switzerland’s top court

Facebook Removes Video Revealing Virginia Lawmaker’s Home Address
on 20th of Feb 2020 The video, which featured a Virginia man doxxing a state lawmaker over gun legislation, was up for four days before Facebook took it down.

Sony and Facebook withdraw from GDC due to coronavirus concerns
on 20th of Feb 2020 Mobile World Congress 2020 isn’t the only trade show affected by COVID-19, otherwise known as the new coronavirus disease. Facebook has just announced that it will withdraw its presence from the

Facebook and YouTube need to be more aggressive about false information, says former Twitter CEO
(Feb 2020) Dick Costolo, former Twitter CEO and Index Ventures partner, joins ‘Squawk Alley’ to discuss new European Unions rules and Tesla.

Facebook will now pay you for your voice recordings
on 20th of Feb 2020 Facebook will offer to pay some users for voice recordings that will be used to help improve its speech recognition technology, the company announced Thursday. The move comes after Facebook — as well

Twitter Buys Chroma Labs, Startup Founded by Facebook Veterans
(Feb 2020) Twitter Inc. is acquiring Chroma Labs, a seven-person startup that was founded by former Facebook and Instagram employees for building photo and video-editing features. Chroma Labs was launched last

Is Nate Robinson leaving Emmerdale?
on 20th of Feb 2020 has stirred up a great deal of trouble between Cain (Jeff Hordley) and Moira Dingle (Natalie J Robb) in Emmerdale ' First he had a steamy affair with Moira and then, to make matters even more complicated,

EastEnders Fans Dennis Rickman. A confrontation above board between Phil (Steve McFadden)
on 20th of Feb 2020 will die in the boat disaster amid various incidences of foreshadowing in the scenes. Dennis was seen being trapped below deck in one of the cabins by Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt), ' A confrontation above board between Phil (Steve McFadden)

Coronation Street Bethany Daniel London Ray Abi Kevin. Peter isn’t happy with Tracy taking Ken for a ride and offers his dad the full market price for
on 20th of Feb 2020 CORONATION Street's Yasmeen Nazir is left distraught after her abusive husband Geoff Metcalfe cooks her beloved Charlotte the chicken for dinner - after she serves him a plate of vegetables ' The mechanic later tells Tyrone about his predicament,

Hollyoaks Aedan Duckworth Ollie. This evening’s show aired the day of Liberty Savage’s (Jessamy Stoddart)
on 20th of Feb 2020 Hollyoaks star Aedan Duckworth has told Digital Spy that it will be "devastating" to see Ollie Morgan go down a darker path this year ' Publisher: Digital Spy Date: 2020-02-20 12:17:00 Twitter: @digitalspy Reference: ' Latest tweet by publisher .

EastEnders Sharon Mitchell Dennis. Beginning on Monday 17th February, and following the BBC One soap’s normal transmission pattern of
on 20th of Feb 2020 EastEnders' Sharon Mitchell will drop a bombshell on her son Dennis tonight (February 20) as she prepares to leave Walford forever ' Publisher: Digital Spy Date: 2020-02-20 12:27:00 Twitter: @digitalspy Reference: ' Latest tweet by publisher '

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