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Skype screen sharing for mobile will let you share your swipes on dating apps
(Apr 2019) With Skype, you can already share your screen with others using the desktop version of the software, and the company is now adding the final touches to the same feature for Android and iOS devices. It

Skype’s mobile screen sharing lets you seriously overshare
on 17th of Apr 2019 Between FaceTime, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, Skype has been taking an increasingly smaller slice of the video chat app market in recent years. A new screen-sharing feature might change this.

Weiss ratings: Ripple (XRP) payments could soon launch on Skype
Apr 18th, 2019 04:12 UTC The support on Skype comes after a request to have XRP transfers brought on board. Social tipping services are gaining traction around the world on social media platforms. The cryptocurrency community

Skype’s ‘contact online’ notifications return for Insiders
on 17th of Apr 2019 Microsoft has made an effort in recent months to bring back highly requested features for Skype that were present on the old version of the app, and its latest efforts include a familiar notification

Skype adds screen sharing to its iOS and Android apps
(Apr 2019) It’s available now in beta. Having spruced up its web service, Skype is turning its attention to mobile. Its latest beta feature adds screen sharing to its iOS and Android apps. It may not seem as

Skype Preview adds screen sharing feature on iOS and Android
(Apr 2019) Skype will soon be slightly more useful on mobile for certain users thanks to a new feature: screen sharing. This ability is arriving first in beta for Android and iOS users, making it possible to

Skype adds screen sharing to Android, Duo users still waiting [APK Download]
(Apr 2019) Sharing your desktop is common, especially during business meetings. However, there are times when you’d like to show your phone’s screen to the person you’re talking to. This can be particularly

Skype for iOS beta adds ability to share your iPhone and iPad screen with others
(Apr 2019) Skype has announced that it is planning to roll out screen sharing to its iOS and Android apps soon. The feature is currently included in the Skype Insider betas. Microsoft did not announce a

Skype now lets you share your Android or iOS phone screen on video calls
(Apr 2019) Microsoft is planning to allow Skype users to share their mobile screens during calls. The software maker has started testing new Android and iOS Skype apps that enable the screen sharing feature,

Online contact notifications make a return in Skype v8 for Insiders
(Apr 2019) Microsoft seems to be trying exceptionally hard to bring Skype back to the way it used to be before the forced upgrade to version 8, and now yet another feature from the old days of the service is