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Twitter acqui-hires highlight-sharing app Highly
Apr 18th, 2019 00:58 UTC Quotes from articles are much more eye-catching than links on Twitter, so the social giant is scooping up the team behind highlight-sharing app Highly. This talent could help Twitter build its own

Twitter CEO’s onstage uniform of beanie, hooded sweatshirt prompts women to call a double standard foul
on 17th of Apr 2019 While Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey faced tough questions onstage Tuesday at a TED Talk, he also faced tough criticism on Twitter for his appearance. Dorsey took the stage at TED2019: Bigger Than Us in

Conservatives demand answers from Twitter after it reportedly cuts ties with Southern Poverty Law Center
on 17th of Apr 2019 Conservative leaders who have been calling for tech giants to end partnerships with the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) are demanding that Twitter confirm its Trust and Safety Council has severed

Inside Tesla Twitter, where legendary short
on 17th of Apr 2019 When Tesla employee Carlos Aranda got hurt and couldn’t do his assigned job at the company’s Fremont factory, he did what hundreds of thousands of Americans have done to pay for costly medical bills:

Chrissy Teigen is really going after this Fox News host on Twitter
Apr 18th, 2019 02:13 UTC Anyone who follows Chrissy Teigen on Twitter will know that she always speaks her mind — and she’s definitely not afraid to hit back at people who attack her. In the early hours of Thursday

Twitter Reports Decline in Abusive Content and Promises New Rules to Combat Bad Actors
(Apr 2019) Twitter says that it’s getting better at finding and removing abusive tweets—a problem that has long plagued the social network. On Tuesday, Twitter said it had suspended three times more

Twitter acquires quote-sharing app Highly
on 17th of Apr 2019 Highly will shut down its iOS and Slack apps on April 26th. Twitter has acquired the highlight-sharing app Highly. Highly CEO Andrew Courter announced the acquisition in a Medium post on Wednesday,

Twitter suspends 100k accounts for creating new ones after suspension
on 17th of Apr 2019 (Reuters) – Twitter Inc said on Tuesday it had suspended 100,000 accounts for creating new accounts after a suspension during January-March period, a 45 percent increase from last year. “Previously,

Marvel’s weekly Twitter show debuts on April 18th
on 17th of Apr 2019 ‘Marvel Live’ to feature new guests on the live show every week. Marvel is debuting a weekly Twitter streaming show on Thursday that will include guests and ample discussion about the Marvel universe.