BBC World News banned in China

BBC World News has been banned from airing in China, according to a statement from China’s National Radio and Television Administration (NRTA). CNN’s Brian Stelter speaks with Jamie Angus of the BBC.

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China Bans BBC World Service, Following U.K. Ban Of Chinese Network

China’s broadcasting regulator said Thursday that the BBC had “undermined China’s national interests and ethnic solidarity” and was banning the British broadcaster’s world service. The BBC headquarters in London are seen here in 2016. Dan Kitwood/Getty Images hide caption

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China’s broadcasting regulator has banned the BBC World Service from airing there, according to a report in Chinese state media. The news follows a move by Britain’s communications regulator last week to strip the state-run China global television network of its broadcast license in the U.K.

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China bans BBC news broadcasts in apparent retaliation

BEIJING — China has banned the BBC World News television channel from the few outlets where it could be seen in the country in possible retaliation after British regulators revoked the license of state-owned Chinese broadcaster CGTN.

The move Thursday was largely symbolic, because BBC World was shown only on cable TV systems in hotels and apartment compounds for foreigners and some other businesses. But it draws foreign news outfits deeper into Beijing’s growing conflict with Western governments following last year’s expulsion of reporters for American newspapers.

The National Radio and Television Administration said BBC World News coverage of China violated requirements that news reporting be true and impartial. It accused the BBC of undermining China’s national interests and ethnic solidarity.

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China bans BBC World News – DW (English)

Chinese regulators have accused the UK’s global broadcaster of breaking China’s media code. The move follows the decision by UK authorities to revoke the license for China’s global state TV network CGTN.

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Chinese regulators banned’BBC World News on Thursday, claiming the global network “seriously violated” the country’s broadcasting rules.

The National Radio and Television Administration cited “the requirement that news should be truthful and fair” and not “harm China’s national interests.”

The channel therefore does not meet requirements for foreign channels broadcasting in China and its application to air for another year will not be accepted, it added.

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BBC boss hits back at China over ban on World News service

‘Now, more than ever, it is important that we speak out to defend free and fair journalism,’ he said.

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In Hong Kong, the public broadcaster RTHK will also stop broadcasting the BBC World Service to listeners, reports suggest.

The ban appeared to mark a tit-for-tat response to the decision to strip China’s state broadcaster of its UK licence on Thursday.

Earlier in the week, the British foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, also criticised China’s decision to ban BBC World News, calling it an ‘unacceptable curtailing of media freedom’.

‘China has some of the most severe restrictions on media and internet freedoms across the globe, and this latest step will only damage China’s reputation in the eyes of the world,’ he said in a tweet on Thursday.

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