Belarusian UK. Reacting to what EU leaders called a brazen “hijacking” of the Ryanair jetliner flying from

[ Belarusian airlines banned from UK airspace unless authorised ]
Belarusian airlines will not be allowed to enter British airspace unless they have specific authorisation,

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Video: Dominic Raab confirms UK airlines told to cease overflights over Belarusian airspace (Manchester Evening News)

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“With immediate effect, Belarusian airlines will be prevented from entering UK airspace unless specifically authorised,” British transport minister Grant Shapps wrote on Twitter.

Author: Belarusian airlines banned from UK airspace unless authorised
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EU imposes sanctions, cuts air links with Belarus over plane ‘hijacking’

Reacting to what EU leaders called a brazen ‘hijacking’ of the Ryanair jetliner flying from Greece to Lithuania on Sunday, they also demanded the immediate release of the journalist, Raman Pratasevich, a key foe of authoritarian Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko.

‘We won’t tolerate that one can try to play Russian roulette with the lives of innocent civilians,’ said EU Council chief Charles Michel, who presided over the EU meeting.’

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EU agrees on Belarus sanctions, including airline ban for brazen ‘hijacking’

A brief video clip of Pratasevich, who ran a popular messaging app that played a key role in helping organize huge protests against Lukashenko, was shown on Belarusian state television Monday night, a day after he was removed from the Ryanair flight.

Sitting at a table with his hands folded in front of him and speaking rapidly, Pratasevich said he was in satisfactory health and said his treatment in custody was ‘maximally correct and according to law.’ He added that he was giving evidence to investigators about organizing mass disturbances.

The leaders called on their council ‘to adopt the necessary measures to ban overflight of EU airspace by Belarusian airlines and prevent access to EU airports of flights operated by such airlines.’ In addition calling for the release of Pratasevich, they also urged authorities in Minsk to free his Russian girlfriend, Sofia Sapega, who was taken off the plane with him.

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Climate Activists Seek Board Shakeup at Exxon: Live Updates

Exxon Mobil’s management will face a big challenge over its climate change policies at an annual shareholder meeting on Wednesday as activists challenge the election of one third of the company’s board.

Led by Engine No. 1, an activist hedge fund, a coalition of investors concerned about the environment has argued that Exxon has not invested enough in cleaner energy, which will hurt its profits in the future. These investors argue that the company should follow European oil companies like BP and Total that have begun investing heavily in renewables like wind and solar energy.

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Where are the no-fly zones around the world?

The UK Government has instructed UK airlines to reroute flights to avoid’Belarusian airspace, after fighter jets forced a Ryanair plane to make an emergency landing in Minsk on Sunday, in order to detain individuals on board.’

Ryanair has condemned the ‘unlawful’ diversion, describing it as an ‘act of aviation piracy’, and is now cooperating with EU security agencies and NATO.’

Under the Government’s advice, Belarus joins a long list of destinations which UK airlines are forbidden from flying over, or landing in. Here, we delve into this complex and changeable’issue ‘ and reveal how it affects your own journey more than you might realise.’

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AP Top News at 9:25 pm EDT – Las Vegas Sun

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) ‘ A few hours after the latest cease-fire took effect in the Gaza Strip, a number of Palestinian journalists in the coastal enclave found they were blocked from accessing WhatsApp messenger ‘ a crucial tool used to communicate with sources, editors and the world beyond the blockaded strip. The Associated Press reached out to 17 journalists in Gaza who confirmed their Whatsapp accounts had been blocked since Friday. By midday Monday, only four journalists ‘ working for Al Jazeera ‘ confirmed their accounts had been restored. The incident marks the latest puzzling move concerning WhatsApp’s owner Facebook Inc.

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