Women’s wrestling, in general, has undergone massive growth and developed a lot of depth over the

[ Brie Bella Says WWE Has Seen A Drop In Direction For Their Women’s Division ]

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Quite a lot has been going on:

Brie Bella Criticizes Current State Of WWE Women’s Division

Women’s wrestling, in general, has undergone massive growth and developed a lot of depth over the years, with various pro wrestling companies all over the world embracing how talented women wrestlers can be.’Triple H previously stated that WWE has the best women’s division in the world, which led to a lot of backlash.

However, the booking of WWE’s women’s division in the past few weeks has left much to be desired for fans and pro wrestlers alike.

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Brie Bella Critical Of WWE’s Direction For Women’s Division

Brie Bella spoke about the current landscape of women’s wrestling in WWE while as a guest on the Sippin’ the Tea TV Show with Ariane Andrew.’

The WWE Hall of Famer feels that the women’s division is lacking direction from management as of late compared to what it had been since the company started taking women’s wrestling seriously.’

‘It’s weird because I feel like lately, you’ve seen a little bit of a drop,’ Brie said. ‘Now that Becky is back, there’s going to be momentum with stories, but there for a while, I thought the girls were getting so much, and then all of a sudden, it went back to so little. You would watch either RAW or SmackDown and the stories just didn’t feel like they were getting as much depth as they should have, and not as much time.’

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The happy couple first announced they were expecting a child in April this year, with Rousey telling fans: ‘I can’t hide it anymore. So, it’s time to show it off.’

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Ronda Rousey and Travis Browne are expecting a baby girl. The 34-year-old retired professional wrestler and the 38-year-old mixed martial artist revealed their baby’s gender in a cute video.

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‘I’ve been pregnant since January. So, four months. Woo, baby bump! I can’t hide it anymore,’ the fighter said while announcing the happy news on YouTube Wednesday.

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Despite all of the famous faces and controversial characters in UFC history, including Conor McGregor no two fighters have created a bigger rivalry than’Israel Adesanya and Jon Jones.’

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