When Apple was the underdog — yes, it’s been a while — it mercilessly mocked Microsoft to the

[ Burger King Just Revealed A Little Secret About McDonald’s Big Mac (And Customers Never Knew) ]
Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek. We did not find results for: burger king just revealed a little. Check spelling or type a new query. Brand leaders don’t always have a sense of humor.

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Somehow, when you get to the top you begin to believe there’s a certain way to behave and that generally involves taking yourself seriously.

When Apple was the underdog — yes, it’s been a while –‘it mercilessly mocked Microsoft to the point at which Bill Gates’s company,and indeed Gates himself, became something of joke. Who could ever forget the long-running Get A Mac campaign in which a young Justin Long amusingly and’serially derided’John Hodgman’s Bill Gates-like character?

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Quite a lot has been going on:

Burger King Secretly Hid Big Macs Behind the Whoppers in All Its U.K. Ads in 2019

Pretty wild how Burger King put McDonald’s Big Macs in all of its U.K. Whopper ads this year, right? What, you didn’t notice any Big Macs in BK’s advertising? Not a single one?’

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According to BK and creative agency BBH London, Big Macs were strategically placed behind Whoppers in every single U.K. TV commercial, print ad, in-store and out-of-home placement that ran during 2019. In all cases, those Whoppers blocked the Big Macs from view. The world learned about the stunt only when BK revealed this “Whopper of a Secret” yesterday.

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A McDonald’s secret menu actually exists in the UK

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I tried the signature burgers from 5 major fast-food chains, and the winner was obvious

After the Great French Fry Showdown of 2019, the battlefield ‘ and by the battlefield, I mean my stomach ‘ was hungry for more. I decided to compare these burgers in another test that was again as scientific, objective, and authoritative as possible.

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McDonald’s manager reveals secret menu and how to order it – including Monster Mac

The menu includes delicious sounding treats such as the Monster Mac, Land, Air and Sea Burger and the McGangBang

Birmingham boasts more McDonald’s restaurants than any other city in the country – well, except London.

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Breakfast, a mid-shopping trip lunch, or a late-night box of 20 McNuggets: your needs are always catered for.

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