Classic Christmas Song Banned Because of #MeToo, Could Elf Be Next?

“Baby It’s Cold Outside” has been pulled from a Cleveland radio station with many other stations across the country following in its wake. Now many are wondering if Elf could be next.

View the original. Highlights and further reading.

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Pushing for Political Parity: A Conversation With Mu Sochua

As one of the most prominent women in Cambodian politics, Mu Sochua has championed democratic values and human rights. Yet, in 2017 Sochua was forced to flee Cambodia amidst a government crackdown on opposition leaders and civil society. Though she is unable to return to Cambodia, Sochua has continued to fight for her country. Sochua discusses’her experiences in government and how women’s political participation can advance reforms and gender equality.

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STONE: Good morning. Welcome. We’re so honored and thankful that all of you were able to join us today. Thank you so much.

Insight: ‘We Said Enough,’ One Year Later

On Oct. 17, 2017, the Los Angeles Times published a letter‘signed by more than 150 women who work in California politics, describing a culture of sexual harassment in the California Capitol.

One year later, we’re marking the anniversary of the We Said Enough movement that was sparked by this letter. On Insight today, we will be joined by women who have been a part of the movement against sexual harassment in California.

We are joined by We Said Enough’s President and Co-Founder Adama Iwu and Executive Director Samantha Corbin to talk about their organization one year later. We also speak with Dr. Lin Farley, who coined the term “sexual harassment” in the 1970s, about the halting progress made against workplace harassment. Finally, Sacramento State Professor Kim Nalder previews an event this week about #MeToo, California and the Year of the Woman 2.0 in honor of the anniversary.

Poundland’s ‘elf behaving badly’ tweets reported to advertising standards – but will return next year

this is incredibly grim, Poundland. is your social campaign being run by an 11-year-old who’s just found out about sex?

We are aware of an image that is circulating that misuses our product. This is to confirm that we had no involvement in this and that it is obviously not reflective of our brand values.

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The 100 Most Influential Pages in Comic Book History

The origin story of comic books isn’t flashy. No radioactive spider bite, atomic explosion, or shadowy experiment granted the medium the sort of ability that would have allowed it to arrive on early-20th-century drugstore racks as glossy, fully formed vehicles for sophisticated entertainment. Rather, it took a steady progression over the course of more than 75 years for the form to fully understand, and then harness, its powers. When the first comics arrived on newsstands in the early 1930s, they were a cynical attempt to put old wine in new bottles by reprinting popular newspaper comic strips. Cheaply printed and barely edited, those pamphlets were not what a critic at the time would have called high art.

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