‘Coldest air in a generation’ hits the Midwest. Officials warn of almost instant frostbite

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‘Coldest air in a generation’ hits the Midwest. Officials warn of almost instant frostbite

Officials warned of almost instant frostbite as temperatures in the region plunged below zero Wednesday. Some state offices are closed and postal workers won’t deliver mail in six entire states ‘ and parts of four others. Thousands of flights have been canceled along with dozens of train services ‘ most of them in Chicago.

About 212 million people ‘ or 72% of the continental US population ‘ will see temperatures drop below freezing over the next few days. And more than 83 million Americans ‘ about 25% of the US population ‘ will suffer subzero temperatures at some point between Wednesday and Monday.

‘Coldest air in generation’ hits Midwest

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Millions gearing up for polar vortex, as temperatures plunge to lows not seen in a generation

The East, the Midwest and even the Deep South, are bracing for a once-in-a-generation arctic blast that is forecast to leave 75 million Americans shivering in subzero temperatures, meteorologists said Tuesday.

By the end of Wednesday, 85 percent of the U.S. land area and 230 million Americans will experience temperatures of 32 degrees or colder, thanks to this extended polar vortex.

And 25 percent of America will get down to 0 degrees in dangerous cold that will touch 75 million U.S. residents.

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Historic, record-breaking cold is in the forecast for Midwest as polar vortex descends

All-time records are in jeopardy this week as the coldest air in a generation descends from the Arctic into the Lower 48. Nearly 90 million people will experience temperatures at or below zero degrees this week from the Midwest to New England, according to the National Weather Service, and 25 million of those will face temperatures below minus-20.

Wind chill temperatures plummeted to minus-50 in the Dakotas and northern Minnesota Tuesday morning, and that same, painfully frigid air is forecast to spread southeast into Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Chicago and Detroit. The wind chill will plunge to minus-30 to minus-40 as far south as Illinois and northern Indiana. The wind chill temperature, which is a measure of what the air fees like when wind is taken into account, will fall as low as minus-65 in the Upper Midwest.