Hong Kong extended the closure of schools until at least March 16, while the wireless industry

[ Coronavirus Live Updates: Infections Skyrocket to Nearly 50,000 in Hubei Province ]

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China Ousts Officials as New Cases Soar by 15,000: Virus Update

Japan confirmed 44 more cases on a quarantined cruise ship, bringing the total of infections from the vessel to 218. Hong Kong extended the closure of schools until at least March 16, while the wireless industry scrapped its biggest annual showcase.

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Jiang Chaoliang was removed from his post as Communist Party secretary for the central province of Hubei, the official Xinhua News Agency said. He was replaced by Ying Yong, the mayor of the financial hub Shanghai.

At the same time, Ma Guoqiang was dismissed as party secretary of Wuhan, the city in Hubei where the outbreak originated. Coronavirus live updates infections News Coronavirus Live Updates: Infections Skyrocket to Nearly 50,000 in Hubei ...New York Times7 hours agoThe number of deaths in Hubei Province more than doubled the prior daily record, while the number of new cases soared by 14,840 to ... He was replaced by Wang Zhonglin, CCTV reported.

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Coronavirus Highlights: G7 Countries To Discuss On Joint Response For Coronavirus: Germany

Earlier this morning,’second batch of 324 Indians were evacuated by an Air India plane from China’s Wuhan, the epicentre of the outbreak.

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Coronavirus updates: The latest news on the outbreak and the global response

(nbcnews) ‘ A man in his 20s who lives in Boston and was returning from Wuhan, China, has the first confirmed case of coronavirus in Massachusetts and the 8th in the U.S. overall.

The man recently traveled to Wuhan and sought medical care soon after his return to Boston, the Massachusetts Department of Health announced Saturday.

‘He has been isolated since that time and will continue to remain isolated until cleared by public health officials,’ the department said, adding that his few close contacts have been identified and are being monitored for any signs of symptoms.

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Thousands of Miles From Wuhan, a U.S. City Is Shaken by Coronavirus

PITTSBURGH ‘ In 2003, when SARS was spreading, Edward Zhang was not yet a teenager and living with his parents in Wuhan, China, largely dependent on the morning paper and the nightly news to know what was happening in the next city over.

‘I might be finding things out faster than my parents,’ he said, describing a steady stream of videos, photographs and reports from his friends in Wuhan, even information about specific apartments in specific buildings where the coronavirus has apparently struck.

It’s a small world after all, a frightening thought if the virus becomes a global pandemic, but a mixed blessing for the scores of Wuhan natives living in Pittsburgh, which has been a ‘sister city’ of Wuhan for nearly 40 years.

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China’s Coronavirus afflictions claim 41 lives, nearly 1300 confirmed cases, 237 critical

Of the 1,287 confirmed cases as of Friday night, the condition of the 237 is stated to be critical, the Commission announced. Coronavirus live updates: China shakes up political ranks over handling of ...Washington Post5 hours agoNews of the reshuffle came hours after China announced a significant jump in infection numbers in Hubei ... Dystopian revelry ... The confirmed cases have crossed 1,000 mark for the first time with many Chinese cities struggling to fight the afflictions.

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