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Skype didn’t deliver on P2P’s promise, but Estonia has
(May 2019) While Skype is now a Microsoft-owned behemoth, its early days were very different. Skype‘s heritage goes back to KaZaa, a P2P (peer-to-peer) file-sharing application that was one of the pillars

TRAI to decide on future of WhatsApp, Skype: Free VoIP and video callings apps may come under regulatory framework
(May 2019) Telecom regulator may come out with recommendations next month to decide whether to control over-the-top players like WhatsApp and Skype and bring them under the regulatory framework. Telecom

Skype Co-Founder Desperate to Stop AI From Destroying Humanity
(May 2019) Skype co-founder Jaan Tallinn is on a mission to ensure an artificial intelligence doesn’t destroy humanity. According to a fascinating Popular Science story, the programmer discovered AI

Celebrated ex-army officer jailed for arranging child sex abuse over Skype
(May 2019) A decorated veteran from the British Army has been sentenced to three years and two months in prison after admitting to arranging for children in the Philippines to be sexually abused on webcam

How to make and receive Skype calls on the web
(May 2019) You want to make or take a Skype call, but you don’t have the app available or accessible on your computer. You don’t need it—not when you can turn to Skype for Web. By signing into the Skype web page

WhatsApp, Skype regulatory framework: Trai decision within a month
(May 2019) With the growth of data, OTTs have become partners of telecom operators and therefore, even the telcos are not supporting tough regulations or charging of licence fees etc. but there should be some

SKYPE Support the best data to clear all Difficulty contact her now
(May 2019) We admire (18OO24676O9) Tech that is report SKYPE for good support and service provides truly by phone. Then used number is printed on a label. You have to might needs to be closed the link

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