Hale said his government agency was ready to do its own analysis of the supposed vulnerabilities

[ DHS Cyber Office Wants to See Secret Voting Machine Vulnerability Report ]
After a cybersecurity researcher wrote a report about potential vulnerabilities in voting machines, and a judge locked up the report, a government official now wants to read it.

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A cybersecurity official at the Department of Homeland Security has shown interest in seeing a copy of a report alleging ‘severe’ vulnerabilities in Georgia’s voting machines’a report that a federal judge has decided to keep secret.

‘Yes, CISA would be willing to receive the report regarding possible vulnerabilities in election infrastructure,’ wrote Geoffrey Hale, who leads the agency’s so-called ‘Election Security Initiative,’ according to the court filing.

Hale said his government agency was ready to do its own analysis of the supposed vulnerabilities that Halderman found in the Dominion ICX voting machines, which are used across Georgia and in several localities in other states. And he made clear that if government computer experts found the threats to be valid and in need of fixes, the agency would disclose the flaws to elections officials nationwide and help the manufacturer patch the holes.

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‘ Exclusive: Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.)’s new bill would require the Treasury Department to tell Congress about the global crypto landscape before handing down new regulations.

‘ Results from Arizona’s partisan-driven election audit highlights how the public’s lack of cybersecurity knowledge could be weaponized in future audits.

‘ After publishing two graphic novels in the last year, CISA is now looking for ways to get them in front of the right audience.

‘In order to strengthen U.S. competitiveness, our government must get a better handle on the role that cryptocurrency is playing in the global economy and how it is being leveraged by other countries,’ Hassan said in a statement. ‘I’m glad to partner across the aisle with Senator Ernst to help ensure that the Treasury Department stays on top of the use of cryptocurrency, including how it can impact our supply chains.’

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Transcript: The Rachel Maddow Show, 9/24/21

The Arizona GOP-ordered election audit results show Biden won the state in 2020. Texas is going to hold audit of 2020 election results, despite Trump winning the state.

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Are you familiar with the concept of an own goal? Like two teams playing against each other, each team is trying to score a goal against the other team. But when you own goal, that means you accidentally scored a goal against yourself.

In the beautiful game of soccer, the phenomenon of an own goal happens infrequently. But it does happen. It sometimes happens in ways quite beautiful. But they`re always dramatic and always traumatic to the people involved.

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Underworld developments, cyberespionage, and a large DDoS incident in Russia.Daily Briefing for 09.09.21

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