England v France: Can new generation revive flat-lining France rugby?

Apparently fixed in concentration on the back of the ball and the task in hand, he feinted to start his run-up.

* * *

It was the final twist of the knife in France’s 33-25 victory over old enemy England in the final of the World Under-20 Championships.

While the senior team is in freefall, winning just three of their last 12 matches, it seems the kids are more than all right.

Last summer was the first time France had reached the final, never mind lifted the trophy, in the tournament’s 11-year history.

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15 Heaviest Riffs of the 1960s – Loudwire

The 1960s is one of the greatest eras in music history. The transformative decade saw a subdued ’50s style evolve into the most experimental decade in rock, eventually setting the stage for heavy metal’s birth in 1970.

The Beatles invented so many sub-genres of rock, it could be taught as a college course. Many point to ‘Helter Skelter’ as a proto-metal song, but more should acknowledge ‘I Want You (She’s So Heavy)” as the advent of doom. The song’s outro blew minds in the late ’60s, using the same progressions Tony Iommi would later adopt for his riffs.

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Why the distribution of wealth has more to do with power than productivity

According to a new OECD working paper, Britain is one of the wealthiest countries in the world. Net wealth is estimated to stand at around $500,000 per household ‘ more than double the equivalent figure in Germany, and triple that in the Netherlands. Only Luxembourg and the USA are wealthier among OECD countries.

On one level, this isn’t too surprising ‘ Britain has long been a wealthy country. But in recent decades Britain’s economic performance has been poor. Decades of economic mismanagement have left the UK lagging far behind other advanced economies. British workers are now 29% less productive than workers in France, and 35% less than in Germany. How can this discrepancy between high levels of wealth and low levels of productivity be explained?

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Post-Brexit UK will find no sympathy – Joergen Oerstroem Moeller

Regardless of whether it endures in its current form or is amended in the coming weeks, UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal with the European Union opens the door to a pair of crucial further negotiations.

The first involves expanding on the 26-page political declaration on future UK-EU trade relations. The parties disagree on a considerable number of issues. Fishing is one especially contentious subject. Britain is looking to reserve its fishing waters for its industry, while the EU wants to maintain access, as was the case before Brexit. Divisions over fishing were behind two Norwegian referendums in 1972 and 1994 rejecting EU membership and the reason Greenland left in 1985.