Prime Day 2019: This is your secret weapon for Amazon deals

You have one day left. Are you really, really ready for the last-minute flood of deals coming during Amazon Prime Day?

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2. In the extension window, you can scroll down to also see more deals you’re watching, top trending deals and Deals of the Day.’

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When you’re shopping for something on another site, the Assistant can show you the same or similar products that Amazon sells, along with any offers, ratings and reviews associated with the product.

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4. If you’re interested in something on the page, tap the product to go to its page on Amazon’s site.

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If you find something on another shopping site you’d like to save your Amazon Wish List. Here’s how to save them to your wish list, where you can see all the products you’re interested in, both on Amazon and other shopping sites.

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Author: Clifford Colby
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