Questions linger about ‘top secret’ papers found in Fairborn home

Taking 1,000 pages of classified information from an Air Force facility may be easier than it sounds.

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Izaak Vincent Kemp, 33, a contractor at the National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, told investigators he did just that, printing 1,000 pages of classified information and taking that sensitive material ‘ with many pages clearly marked ‘top secret’ ‘ to his Fairborn home, federal records show

Questions abound in the case, and for now, federal authorities are saying little. Questions linger about 'top secret' papers found in ... Questions linger about 'top secret ' papers found in Fairborn home. 23 min ago Dayton Daily News - Thomas Gnau. Feds investigate top secret NASIC files found in Fairborn... More Cox Enterprises. Other Celebrations. 27 min ago Brainerd Dispatch. According to a narrative presented in court documents, a routine local police investigation ballooned into the federal investigation that is now ongoing.

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Encased In Pompeii’s Volcanic Ash ’10 Unexploded Bombs’ Take Over Italian Headlines

In August 1943, during World War II, Pompeii was bombed by Allied Forces and while many of the 165 bombs dropped around’Pompeii’have been identified and cleared, beneath the soil of this unique World Heritage site, ‘ten have yet to be excavated’. Archaeologists stress the importance of identifying ‘where’ the remaining bombs are located to ensure the long-term future of the precious UNESCO World Heritage site .

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MAD Magazine: Eclipsed by Madness? – Village Voice

Last year we told a coworker that the move to L.A. would not work: Maybe the Dodgers and Giants could withstand relocation to that tainted lotus land that is California, but’Mad’magazine was just too much of a New Yorker to find harmony amid the perfected people. Questions linger about ‘top secret’ papers found in ... Questions + linger +about+‘ top ... Questions linger about ‘top secret ’ papers found in Fairborn home One man is killed and six others, including four children, are injured in Ohio house explosion With the announcement that’Mad’will from now on feature mostly reprints, the postwar generations who had their bullshit detectors tripped for the first time by the magazine’s’parodies of pop culture, politicians, priests, and other purveyors of dubious promises are left with only endless permutations of Alfred E. Neuman. The first painted portrait of the magazine’s gap-toothed mascot appeared on the cover of the’December 1956 issue‘as a write-in candidate for president.’Who knew that 60 years later we would need Alfred’s candidacy more than ever.

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