Veterans Have a Secret Weapon to Deal with Homelessness: Land

ARLINGTON, Va.’When Bob Romano was installed as commander of American Legion Post 139 in 2014, his family attended the ceremony.

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Romano has known for some time that the 60-year-old building, its walls reeking of more than half a century of cigarette smoke and needing a laundry list of expensive repairs, would no longer sustain its 300 members. Flipboard: Veterans Have a Secret Weapon to Deal with ... veterans-have-a-secret-weapon-to-deal -with-homelessness... Veterans Have a Secret Weapon to Deal with Homelessness: Land. POLITICO - By SHAWNA CHEN. A unique partnership will convert an old American Legion Post into affordable housing for veterans . ARLINGTON, Va.—When Bob Romano was installed as commander of American Legion Post 139 in 2014, his family attended the ceremony. Membership was dwindling, particularly among young veterans.

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‘We were going broke,’ he said. ‘We realized that in five years, Post 139 wasn’t going to be there.’

They received offers from developers eager to convert the property near George Mason University. But American Legion officials decided to do something that would be unique in the nation: create a partnership with a local housing nonprofit. About 40% of veterans don't trust Trump to handle war ... /40-percent- veterans -dont-trust-trump-decisions-war... Veterans have a more favorable view of President Donald Trump than the general public, but many of them don't trust Trump to make wise decisions when it comes to war and nuclear weapons , according ... In 2016, the Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH) bought the 1.4-acre parcel in Arlington for approximately $9 million.

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Watch the video of the eminent economic geographer talking about housing in SF — and other American cities. Veterans side with Trump on military issues more often ... /2019/07/10/politics/military-poll-trump- veterans /index.html More veterans trust Trump to make the right decisions about the use of military force (58% trust him a great deal or a fair amount, 42% overall) and the use of nuclear weapons (58% of veterans , 41 ... There were so many interesting moments in the presentation by eminent economic geographer Michael Storper April 30. One of the more remarkable things he said: For the richest 30 percent of the population, housing costs as a percentage of income have actually gone down in San Francisco. That’s right: The issue isn’t a ‘housing crisis’ for the top third of the population; it’s an affordable housing crisis for everyone else. Storper talked about why he doesn’t think the theory of ‘filtering’ ‘ that is, the idea that if you build high-end housing prices will eventually fall at the other end of the spectrum ‘ doesn’t work. Watch the videos via at

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Nevada National Guard Brig. Gen. Burks says timing right to retire

Date: 20190623
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Pentagon plans tests of long-banned types of missiles

WASHINGTON ‘ The Pentagon plans to begin flight tests this year of two types of missiles that have been banned for more than 30 years by a treaty from which both the United States and Russia are expected to withdraw in August, defense officials said Wednesday.

By moving forward with these missile projects, the Pentagon is not excluding the possibility that the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty could still survive, although it likely will be terminated in August. At that point, Washington and Moscow would no longer face legal constraints on deploying land-based cruise or ballistic missiles with ranges between 500 and 5,500 kilometers (310 to 3,410 miles). The INF treaty has been in effect since 1987.

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Can Chris Herndon be Jets’ secret weapon in 2019?

The Jets’ offense is going to be a totally different animal this season. Videos for Veterans Have A Secret Weapon To Deal 1:26:00 Crossbreed Not only is new head coach Adam Gase bringing in his new schemes, but there are some new offensive weapons for’Sam Darnold’to work with as well.’

Le’Veon Bell’is the obvious big addition, while’Jamison Crowder’is expected to make an immediate impact out of the slot.’Quincy Enunwa’and’Robby Anderson’will also be back looking to make big impacts after their solid seasons in 2018.’

But there is one more weapon that stays under the radar thanks to these other names. 2:34 Roughly 40% of veterans do not trust Trump to make wise decisions about war and nuclear weapons YouTube Tight end’Chris Herndon,’the Jets’ fourth-round draft pick last season, quietly had an intriguing rookie campaign.’

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