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Facial Recognition Tech Could Be Banned In This City Today

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Presidential candidate Sanders vows to ban facial
(Aug 2019) as the misidentification of individuals could lead to the misuse of force, false incarceration and minority-based persecution. Oakland became the third city in the US to ban police use of

Facial Recognition Technology: Here Are The Important Pros And Cons
(Aug 2019) When you post a photo on Facebook, and the platform automatically tags the people in the image, you might not give much thought to the technology behind the convenience. However, when you discover

Using facial recognition technology for hailstorms
on 24th of Aug 2019 Technology similar to what Facebook uses for recommending what friends you should “tag” may soon be coming to hailstorms. David Gagne, a machine learning scientist at the National Center for

Facial recognition software prompts privacy, racism concerns in cities and states
(Aug 2019) “A test subject for this technology . recognition technology, some city and state officials are proposing to limit its use. Law enforcement officials say facial recognition software can be an

Facial recognition software erroneously matched 1 in 5 California lawmakers for criminals: ACLU
(Aug 2019) also recently enacted bans for all city departments . would ban not just facial recognition, but other “biometric surveillance systems” such as those that analyze a person’s gait or log tattoos.

Amazon Says The Face Recognition Tech It Sells to Cops Can Now Detect ‘Fear’
(Aug 2019) For example, a raised brow could . nature of facial recognition and analysis in the hands of law enforcement has caused some cities to re-think whether the technology can be deployed ethically. San

Bernie Sanders’s call to ban facial recognition tech for policing, explained
(Aug 2019) Bernie Sanders is the first presidential candidate to call for a total ban . facial recognition systems often misidentify those groups, which could lead to them being disproportionately held for

Another U.S. City Moves To Ban Face Recognition, Citing Threats To Free Speech And Civil Rights
(Aug 2019) On Wednesday, the city of Cambridge, Massachusetts moved one step closer to prohibiting local U.S. government from using facial recognition. Three other cities in the country have already instituted

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