Rare reports of heart inflammation in people who have had the Moderna COVID vaccine have sparked

[ Fact Check: Have Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland ‘Banned’ Moderna Vaccine? ]
Health bodies in the Nordic nations have released statements regarding Moderna’s Spikevax vaccine regarding rare links to heart inflammation.

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Rare reports of heart inflammation in people who have had the Moderna COVID vaccine have sparked action from health authorities in several Nordic countries’prompting discussion across social media.

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On October 9, Twitter user ‘pdubdev’, whose bio describes them as a “bold advocate for personal liberty,” said that a number of countries had banned the Moderna vaccine, known as Spikevax.

The user wrote: “Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Iceland have all banned the Moderna vaccine. Not a word from the FDA.”

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Fact Check: Have Finland, Sweden, Norway and Iceland ‘Banned’ Moderna Vaccine?

The tweet has since proved popular, gaining more than 15,000 likes and nearly 5,000 retweets as of 10 a.m. EDT on October 13.

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The tweet suggests that there has been an outright Moderna vaccine ban in the countries mentioned. This is not true.

Sweden has decided to pause‘not ban’the use of the Moderna vaccine in some of its population, namely people born in the year 1991 or later. The observed conditions of myocarditis and pericarditis following vaccination are most common among young men. It cited preliminary analyses from Swedish and Nordic data sources.

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Plan for lifting mask mandate announced by Bay Area health officers

It’s too early to get overly confident about any ebb in the coronavirus. Fall season is approaching and there will undoubtedly be new COVID variants to deal with. Perhaps it’s best to maintain partial masking requirements until efficacy of the 3rd booster shot is fully established or when the coronavirus is confirmed as an ‘endemic.’ Wearing a face mask is no big deal & by now most people should have gotten used to it.

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This is great – masking is hugely disruptive, and while I agree the costs are worth the benefits during the pandemic, once we are vaccinated and infections down glad to get rid of this. You can’t smile and interact with people, talking is muffled so it’s hard to hear, and my glasses endlessly steam up.

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Denmark says it’s permanently stopping use of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

Denmark on Wednesday became the first country to plan to permanently stop administering the AstraZeneca vaccine, a month after suspending its use following reports that a small number of recipients had developed a rare but serious blood-clotting disorder.

The director general of the country’s health authority, Soeren Brostroem, said Denmark was able to halt use of the vaccine because it had the pandemic under control and could rely on two other vaccines, from Pfizer and Moderna.

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