The electric Ford F-150 is still on track for a 2022 release, but it’s unclear what Ford plans to do

[ Ford F-150 EV battery supplier will be banned from US for 10 years ]
In May 2019, the United States International Trade Commission voted to open an investigation into SK Innovation, a Korean battery supplier,

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The electric Ford F-150 is still on track for a 2022 release, but it’s unclear what Ford plans to do after SK Innovation’s import ban goes into effect.

“We are continuing to analyze the ruling from the US International Trade Commission and its impact on Volkswagen,” a spokesperson for the automaker said.

It’s likely that the vehicles in question will require some tweaks to accommodate batteries and components from different suppliers, but the question of exactly how much work is required remains to be seen. According to Bloomberg, Ford told the USITC in May that “EV batteries cannot simply be swapped like batteries in a flashlight.”

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Ford EV F-150 Battery Supplier Loses Fight Over U.S. Imports

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Transmission: Some imports from major battery supplier of Ford EV F-150 banned

SK Innovation plans to appeal the ruling after it conducts a detailed review. In the meantime, the company is focusing on the new facility under construction in the Peach State. In a statement addressing ITC’s decision, SK said, ‘We have serious concerns about the commercial and operational implications of this decision for the future of our EV-battery facility in Commerce, Georgia.’ What delays will come about? How will this impact operation costs and lost production? That’s yet to be determined.’

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Tesla Cybertruck rival Ford F-150 EV hits speed bump as battery supplier gets 10-year US ban

The ramp of the Ford F-150 Electric, the veteran automaker’s response to upcoming electric trucks like the Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian R1T, and the Hummer EV, has hit a speed bump. SK Innovation, the automaker’s battery supplier, received a 10-year import ban in the United States over allegations of theft from fellow South Korean battery firm LG Chem.’

According to the International Trade Commission (ITC), SK Innovation will be allowed to import components for four years beginning now for the local US production of the Ford F-150 Electric, which is expected to start production next year. The ITC has also given SK Innovation two years to support the ramp of Volkswagen’s MEB line of electric cars, some of which will be built in the US. The grace periods SK Innovation has been given should provide Ford and Volkswagen ample time to transition to new domestic suppliers.’

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Ford, Volkswagen EV Battery Supplier Dealt Setback by Trade Commission

A federal trade commission ruled against battery maker SK Innovation Co. in a case that could disrupt Ford Motor Co. and Volkswagen AG’s plans to build electric vehicles in the U.S.

The U.S. International Trade Commission, an independent government agency, affirmed Wednesday a judge’s earlier ruling in favor of rival LG Chem, which in 2019 accused SKI of stealing trade secrets related to lithium-ion battery production. SK Innovation has denied the allegations.

The commission’s ruling threatens two new battery plants SKI is building in Georgia to supply Ford and VW with batteries for models set to go into production in the next two years. The Korean company has said it is investing $2.6 billion on the project.

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