Former Wrestler Paige Reveals How She Changed The WWE Because She Wanted To Wrestle, “Not Because I Have To Take My Shirt Off”

Former WWE star Paige revealed to BuzzFeed News’s Profile how she worked to change the culture around professional wrestling for women ‘ including taking a stand against the “bikini contest.”

Paige, who is from England and whose parents and brothers were wrestlers, said when she began her career as a teenager, “a lot of the crowd just, they didn’t take to the women very easily, like they thought of it as a restroom break.”

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Paige joined the WWE circuit in 2011 and tapped her experience wrestling with her brothers when in the ring.

“Like I walked in, I was pale, I had piercings, didn’t know how to do makeup and hair ‘ still don’t ‘ but I give a good old fashioned. And I came in with a little bit wrestling experience and I just wrestled like a man because I grew up with my brothers wrestling,” she said.

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In case you are keeping track:

Paige: WWE megastar reveals next SmackDown role she would love to undertake

The ex-Divas Champion’s in-ring career came to a premature end at the age of 25 after suffering a devastating stinger in 2017.

The British megastar was later appointed as SmackDown’s General Manager but her role ended late last year after the McMahon family took over both brands.

The Norwich-native has been promoting the film Fighting With My Family, which is based on her famous wrestling family and sees the likes of Vince Vaughn and fellow WWE superstar Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson starring in leading roles.

But the former NXT star, who is still under WWE contract, is looking forward to reuniting with the roster and assuming a new role as a ringside manager soon.

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WWE star Paige on sex tape humiliation: ‘I don’t wish that for anyone’

Fame isn’t always great as a WWE star found out. Paige opens up on the highs and lows of wrestling and what it’s like to have a sex tape leaked.

* * *

But a chance encounter with a young fan at a grocery store turned it all around for Paige. Now the former wrestler is back on top in a big way with a biopic chronicling her improbable story.

Fighting With My Family reveals how Saraya-Jade Bevis, a young outcast from Norwich, England, was plucked from a D-list wrestling company run by her ex-con father to become a superstar in World Wrestling Entertainment.

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‘Fighting With My Family’ a Hearty but Clich’d Feel

Jack Lowden (left) stars as Zak Knight and Florence Pugh (right) stars as Paige in FIGHTING WITH MY FAMILY, directed by Stephen Merchant, a Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures film. Photo: Courtesy of Robert Viglasky / Metro Goldwyn Mayer Pictures

Underdog stories are nothing novel in the classic realm of sports flicks (take ‘Rudy,’ or ‘Remember The Titans’). Nor are sports films that weave an ambitious athlete’s endeavors with a family narrative (‘Rudy’ again, really, and ‘The Blind Side’). But when done well, they’re a pleasure to watch. That’s exactly what ‘Fighting With My Family’ is. Based on the real story of wrestler Saraya ‘Paige’ Bevis (Florence Pugh), the film follows a small, punky girl from a family of wrestlers in northern Britain as she earns a contested spot in World Wrestling Entertainment. Her brother Zak (Jack Lowden), however, doesn’t make the cut, and Paige is off to America alone. The plot follows Paige as she fights more for her family than with her family, striving for what they had all dreamed of but had never gotten before: a chance to prove themselves. Stephen Merchant both directs and writes the script for the film, and his sometimes-corny jokes mostly invoke a few laughs, and at other times fall cringingly flat. At crucial moments, Paige’s family is the one that pushes her on, and Merchant emphasizes that point. But for most of the film, when she’s training in Florida, it’s not the presence of her family, but rather the lack thereof, that both pushes her and also (almost) breaks her.

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