He learned how to do men’s haircuts by watching YouTube.

[ From virtual sex parties to secret dinners, here are your COVID confessions ]
Bay Area folks have done as well as anyone in the country in following stay at home orders, wearing masks, keeping their distance and flattening the coronavirus curve.

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My 17-year-old son has a classmate that is doing $15 haircuts out of his garage and I sent both of my kids to get their haircut by him. He learned how to do men’s haircuts by watching YouTube. ‘—I find myself thinking of what I’ve lost in this whole thing, from my little brother’s final season of high school baseball, his graduation, my planned trip to Europe, multiple weddings, and countless celebrations. I feel guilty for feeling bad about missing out on these things, I feel guilty that I was furious that my mom felt it was necessary to board up her restaurants. Any time I feel sad, angry or frustrated at any of the countless events that have unfolded over these past 90 days, I feel guilty. I feel guilty because even though all of this, I have it so much better than others.—I don’t miss sports.—I did visit a restaurant recently. ‘They made us wear masks to enter the restaurant, and could only take them off once we ordered our food. Sorry, but this is like wearing a condom halfway through sex, then taking it off.—

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Many things are taking place:

From virtual sex parties to secret dinners, here are your COVID confessions

I have travelled three times around the country since March 21st, but always wearing masks and gloves and trying to keep social distance. Other passengers near me either at the airport or plane did sneeze. I feel bad about this, though, but I have the need to be close to my loved ones. If it’s the end of the world, I want to die with them. Hopefully it’s not.—

I attended a small dinner party the other weekend at a friend’s house. Indoors, no masks, shared food, even hugs. It was really really nice but I could barely sleep the night after I was so worried about getting covid.

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How the Pandemic Turned Bren’ Brown Into America’s Therapist

The week we lost the world we knew, Bren’ Brown held church. Wearing a floral blouse and hoop earrings, she settled into her home office, in Houston, in front of a bookcase with spines arranged by color: cerulean blue and daffodil yellow and blush pink. She livestreamed a fifteen-minute service, Bren’ Brown’style: There was a prayer, yes, but also a Beatles sing-along. There was God talk but also cussing. And there was a sermon about offering grace to anyone you might like to punch in the face.

This was March’15, the first Sunday after churches across the country had closed their doors over fears of the coronavirus. The past few days had been rough on Brown. She and her husband, Steve, had busted her mom and stepdad out of an assisted-living facility and moved them into their home. Their twenty-year-old daughter, Ellen, had also taken up residence there after her college campus shuttered, and their fourteen-year-old son, Charlie, was reckoning with the prospect of finishing his middle school years online. It was a full house. On her newly launched podcast, Unlocking Us, Brown would say she felt like she’d climbed into the mouth of a tuba and hid there while someone kicked her down a hill and into a lake.

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Can your marriage survive the coronavirus?

Pro-tip for couples suddenly working from home together: Get yourselves an imaginary coworker to blame things on. In our apartment, Cheryl keeps leaving her dirty water cups all over the place and we really don’t know what to do about her.

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People reveal their darkest secrets and most despicable deeds amid the coronavirus pandemic

People are anonymously sharing their coronavirus confessions amid the pandemic, with the intimate posts ranging from their deepest fears to their despicable deeds.’

With the majority of Americans hunkering down with little to do besides worry, NBC News has created an open forum for people to get their secrets off their chests without repercussion or pass the time by reading about others’ turmoil.’

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Zoom Dating Is the Best – Dating on Zoom Vs In Person During Quarantine

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Jokes in the time of coronavirus – Chicago Reader

I’m in a great position going into indefinite isolation, because I get to read jokes, like this one from Malic White (@malicwhite), on Twitter all day, every day: “Any queer who makes it through quarantine without giving themself a weird haircut wins 9 lives.” While some people are avoiding social media altogether to keep themselves from having a panic attack, over the past handful of years I have surrounded myself with comedians on every platform. And let me tell you, even in the midst of a pandemic these comics are WORKING. Lauren Harsh has been hosting a weekly virtual open mic called Cabin Fever. Scott Duff has been hosting his own cooking show daily on Facebook. Podcasts are recording remotely, talk show hosts are monologuing to empty audiences, and the hilarious tweets and Facebook statuses have been multiplying like bunnies. But in these unusual times, is it even OK to be joking? How can you determine if something is “too soon” when you’re living in it every day? I reached out to some comics (virtually!) to get their jokes and thoughts.

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