Girl banned from playing football at Catholic middle school


COATESVILLE, Pa. — A Lancaster County football coach is fighting for his daughter to be allowed to play football at a Catholic middle school,

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Though a picture at the Choi family home captures a cute cheerleader, Brooke Choi has always liked to play more physical sports for as long as she can remember.

“Times have changed since that picture,” Brooke said. “You will not see me in pigtails or even a ponytail. Nor a cheerleading outfit.”

Instead, a football uniform. Just like her dad, who happens to be the head football coach at Pequea Valley High School.

“She’s tough,” Mike Choi, Brooke’s father, said. “I wouldn’t want to go against her if I was someone on the other side. In anything. I don’t care if we’re playing cards or football, she’s going to compete with ya.”

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Many things are taking place:

Monday, Oct 8 2018

Just weeks before midterm elections, a move by federal health officials spotlights a contentious issue: the use of human fetal tissue in research. Here’s what you need to know to understand the debate. (Emmarie Huetteman, 10/8)

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Some private Medicare Advantage plans are offering large physician-management companies more money upfront and control of their patients’ care, but the doctors are responsible for staying within the budget. (Phil Galewitz, 10/8)

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Trump Administration Claims Credit For Health Law Marketplace’s Recent Stabilization. But What Are The Facts?

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Is PhyCor 2.0 Ahead? ‘ Paul Keckley

In the U.S. system of health, physicians are trained to be the patient’s advocate, voiding outside influences and financial considerations in assessing and treating their medical needs. That’s the basis for the profession’s respect by the masses and trust by its patients.

The business of medicine is distasteful to most physicians: surveys indicate the majority are predisposed to delegating those tasks to non-clinicians so long as decisions are made with their input, their income is protected, and their clinical autonomy is secured. That explains why three out of four choose employment in a larger organization vs. starting an independent practice.

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Medicare Advantage 2017 Spotlight: Enrollment Market Update

Medicare Advantage plans have played an increasingly larger role in the Medicare program as the share of Medicare beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Advantage has steadily climbed over the past decade.’ The trend in enrollment growth is continuing in 2017, and has occurred despite reductions in payments to plans enacted by the Affordable Care Act of 2010 (ACA).’ This Data Spotlight reviews national and state-level Medicare Advantage enrollment trends as of March 2017 and examines variations in enrollment by plan type and firm. It analyzes the most recent data on premiums, out-of-pocket limits, and quality ratings.’ Key findings include:

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Story of Oak Park fending off ‘white flight’ is told in frank detail at new village history museum

Oak Park likes to think of itself as a little bastion of diversity, a belief rooted both in its current demographics and in the town’s remarkable maneuvering to fight the ‘white flight’ that was going on in neighborhoods all around it in the late 1960s.

There’s truth behind that article of faith in the ‘village’ of 52,000, the first town you hit when you drive due west from Chicago’s Loop, but it is a highly nuanced story. The multipart documentary ‘America to Me,’ on Starz, gets inside Oak Park River Forest High School and underscores that even if white and African-American kids are in school together, they aren’t necessarily in the same school.

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