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Graham In No Rush To Protect Mueller

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Democrats subpoena Mueller report amid calls for impeachment
Apr 20th, 2019 01:03 UTC Let me assure you that whatever the issue and challenge we face, the Congress of the United States will honor its oath of office to protect and . serious enough that Mueller said he could

House committee demands Mueller documents
on 19th of Apr 2019 A redacted version of the report was released Thursday by Attorney General William Barr, who said the investigation found no evidence that Trump colluded . Friday with conservative radio host Rush

‘Lied through his teeth’: Dem lawmakers slam Barr over Mueller report
(Apr 2019) Democratic lawmakers are blasting Attorney General Bill Bar for supposedly trying to spin the Mueller report to protect President Donald Trump . times the Special Counsel’s report found no collusion

After Mueller, Congress Already Sparring Over Next Steps
(Apr 2019) Maggie Hassan, a member of the Homeland Security and Government Affairs Committee, said that Mueller’s conclusions required that Trump and Congress “must take further action to protect . no