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Twitter Calls Amber Heard ‘Gold Digger’; Demanded Car, Penthouse, Money From Johnny Depp
on 16th of Feb 2020 Amber Heard made several demands from Johnny Depp during their divorce, prompting netizens to call her a “gold digger.“ A copy of Heard’s demands when she and Depp were still working on finalizing

No, Lis Smith Isn’t Behind the Nigerian Pro
on 16th of Feb 2020 Lis Smith, a senior communications advisor to Pete Buttigieg’s campaign, trended on Twitter across America on Sunday when users accused her of utilizing a fake Nigerian account to promote the

A Nigerian Man Is Actually Behind That Pro
on 16th of Feb 2020 “I read the campaign email regarding Phase 4 and Lis introduced herself like that (I don’t receive campaign emails just to clarify, I just read one on twitter). I was just having a little fun with

No, Pete Buttigieg’s Campaign Didn’t Make A Sockpuppet Twitter Account Claiming to Be Nigerian
on 16th of Feb 2020 Or is it just the latest in a series of troll attacks on the 2020 presidential nominee? The answer, as anticlimactic as it might seem, is neither. A conspiracy theory whipped Twitter into a frenzy

Bayer ends digital farming agreement after Twitter backlash
on 16th of Feb 2020 Tillable sent marketing letters to landowners saying they could help them secure higher rents, raising concerns among farmers that Bayer’s Climate Corp was sharing their data with the farmland rental

Tesla’s leaked employee handbook is exactly as ridiculous as Elon Musk’s Twitter
on 16th of Feb 2020 Reading like the worst – or best? – of Musk’s Twitter feed, the four-page document (published by Business Insider on Thursday) is ostensibly standard workplace culture policies, only those policies

Chiefs OL Mitchell Schwartz Has Awesome Response on Twitter to Fan Asking About Patrick Mahomes Impact
on 16th of Feb 2020 Just two weeks ago, the Kansas City Chiefs conquered the demon that tortured them for 50 years, as they defeated the San Francisco 49ers to win Super Bowl LIV. The Chiefs had countless quarterbacks

‘Everything is hackable’ warns cyber group after hacking the Olympics and FC Barcelona Twitter accounts and posting about private messages
(Feb 2020) The hackers claimed to have read private messages that indicated a popular player was heading back to FC Barcelona. Twitter confirmed the hacks.

Slam Dunk Contest Ripped by Twitter After Aaron Gordon Loses Despite Perfection, and Dunk Over Tacko Fall
(Feb 2020) Aaron Gordon of the Orlando Magic had perfect scores on his first five dunks. But flying over a guy who is 7-foot-5 was not enough for his second round of a dunk-off, and Twitter lost it.

‘OurMine’ group hijacks Twitter accounts for Olympics and FC Barcelona
(Feb 2020) A third-party platform was reportedly involved. No, the OurMine group isn’t done defacing high-profile sites. Twitter has confirmed reports that OurMine hijacked accounts for both the Olympics and FC

EastEnders Natalie Cassidy Sonia Fowler. Speaking with The Mirror’s Notebook magazine, the star coyly said Sonia just “loves human beings”
on 16th of Feb 2020 EASTENDERS' Natalie Cassidy has hinted at another lesbian relationship for her character Sonia Fowler ' Speaking with The Mirror's Notebook magazine, the star coyly said Sonia just "loves human beings" and "who knows what the future holds" ' ,

I might return, I might not. ‘PS: Don’t worry… I’m fine, folks… and I’m taking this
on 16th of Feb 2020 Annie Wallace has quit Twitter following the news of Caroline Flack's passing (Picture: Getty/Wenn)

Alzheimer Barbara Windsor Scott Mitchell EastEnders. The 82-year
on 16th of Feb 2020 Dame Barbara Windsor's husband has opened up about her struggles with Alzheimer's and how she says, 'I used to work behind that bar,' when they watch EastEnders ' The 82-year-old appeared in the BBC1 soap as Peggy Mitchell,

Why Abi Coronation Street. The feisty mechanic firmly cemented her status as a Corrie icon with a stunning scene which saw her
(Feb 2020) Abi Franklin was instantly hailed a hero during Friday's Coronation Street double bill when she exposed Ray Crosby as a sexual predator ' The feisty mechanic firmly cemented her status as a Corrie icon with a stunning scene which saw her steal Ray .

EastEnders Natalie Cassidy. The 36 year old actress, who plays Sonia Fowler on the BBC soap, opened up about her self confidence
(Feb 2020) EastEnders actress Natalie Cassidy has opened up about feeling 'confident' and 'at ease' with herself after loosing three stone in weight ' The 36 year old actress, who plays Sonia Fowler on the BBC soap,

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