There’s absolutely no denying that the WWE women’s division has come a long way over the last

[ Hall Of Famer Criticizes The WWE Women’s Division And Recent Releases ]

There’s absolutely no denying that the WWE women’s division has come a long way over the last few years, but there are some who feel that the division isn’t where it should be as of late.

It was recently reported that there are a number of talents who are said to be significantly frustrated with how the division is being booked, and during a recent appearance on Sippin’ The Tea former Divas Champion Brie Bella shared her thoughts on the current state of women’s wrestling in WWE.

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In case you are keeping track:

Sons of Alex Murdaugh’s housekeeper accuse him of defrauding them out of $4.3M settlement

The filing, obtained by and filed in Hampton County Court Monday, is designed to compel Murdaugh to come before a judge and answer questions over his handling of the settlement of which Gloria Satterfield’s sons never saw a dime.

He did not inform them that Fleming was his former University of South Carolina roommate, nor that he was his best friend and godfather to Paul.

According to that initial complaint Murdaugh, Fleming and banker Westendorf then conspired to defraud the sons.

Now, the latest documents filed in court yesterday provide new and shocking details of the scheme, alleging that, unbeknownst to Satterfield’s sons, an initial settlement of $505,000 had already been reached when they were advised to surrender their legal status as representatives of their mother’s estate.

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Beverly Hills Officer Accused Of Playing Copyrighted Music While Being Filmed To Allegedly Trigger Social Media Blocking Feature

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With Orlando Scandrick lost to injury, Morris Claiborne has a shot at starting in the Dallas Cowboys’ defensive backfield. First, he must improve his technique, route recognition and playmaking.

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Without Colby Lewis at the top of his game, the Rangers weren’t going to stop the Blue Jays’ hot bats. It didn’t make matters any easier with David Price on the opposing mound.

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