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Hong Kong Grounds All Flights As Protest Paralyzes Airport Live Updates

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Hong Kong airport suspends flights for second day as protesters reoccupy terminal
(Aug 2019) HONG KONG – Anti-government protesters brought chaos to Hong Kong’s airport for a second consecutive day Tuesday, forcing airlines to suspend some departing flights . refusing to give any sensible

Hong Kong protest hits airport
(Aug 2019) Mass flight cancellations at Hong Kong’s airport disrupted . employees joining “illegal protests” and warned disciplinary consequences could include being fired. A Cathay Pacific pilot was charged

What You Need to Know About the Hong Kong Airport Cancellations
(Aug 2019) Tensions between police and protesters flared on Tuesday at Hong Kong International Airport, after the second consecutive day of protests forced the airport authority to ground all departing flights .

Hong Kong airport shuts down amid pro
(Aug 2019) 3 minutes ago HONG KONG . canceled all flights after thousands of Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters crowded into the main terminal Monday afternoon. Hong Kong International Airport said

Police and protesters clash at Hong Kong airport
(Aug 2019) Tuesday marked the second day that protesters gathering at Hong Kong’s airport prompted flight cancelations . While the first days of protests were all about the bill, the movement has expanded.

Airline, luxury brands follow China’s lead on Hong Kong
(Aug 2019) Two airport ground staffers . that we all respect each other, our customers and members of the public,” he wrote. “We are aware that this has been, and continues to be, a very challenging time for

Order Returns to Hong Kong Airport, Protesters Apologize
(Aug 2019) HONG KONG – Operations at the Hong Kong Airport . place of protest,” Mak said. Through the night, live TV carried harried scenes of police trying to clear increasingly defiant demonstrators who

Judge Grants Order to Limit Anti-Government Protests at Hong Kong Airport
(Aug 2019) The Hong Kong . nearly all flights leaving and entering the Chinese territory. That decision turned the airport into a frustrated campground, with stranded travelers unsure when they’d be able to

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