Hurricane Dorian’s aftermath in the Bahamas: The latest

More than 1,550 Hurricane Dorian evacuees from the Bahamas are on board the Grand Celebration Humanitarian Cruise ship sailing back to West Palm Beach, Florida, according to the Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line Facebook page.

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US Customs and Border Protection is working with the cruise line and will be processing the arrival of passengers.

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The United Nations believes’at least 70,000’people are homeless on Abaco and Grand Bahamas, according to a statement Friday.’

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“The Bahamas faces’a’long road to’recovery,” said’Jan-Willem’Wegdam, who led a UN Emergency Response Team which arrived in Nassau on’Wednesday.

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Quite a lot has been going on:

Hurricane Dorian Swamps North Carolina’s Outer Banks

Hurricane Dorian, the storm that devastated the Bahamas and put much of the southeastern United States on edge, battered the coast of North Carolina with heavy rain, wind and flooding on Friday, after making landfall on the Outer Banks.

The center of the Category 1 storm passed over Cape Hatteras in the Outer Banks at 8:35 a.m. Friday, according to the National Weather Service.

The storm was moving quickly northeast and heading away from land, but it left whipping winds and surging floodwaters in its wake in the Outer Banks, where local businesses barricaded their doors and residents holed up, watching water creep toward their doors.

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Hundreds stranded after Dorian hit North Carolina coast

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For the Bahamas, hurricanes like Dorian are now an existential threat

We have three full months left in this hurricane season, but two of the country’s largest economic contributors and heavily populated Family Islands have already been simultaneously attacked and decimated to some extent. Images Of Hurricane Dorian's Devastation In The Bahamas ... /sites/ericmack/2019/09/03/images-of- hurricane - dorians ... Category 5 Hurricane Dorian stalled over Grand Bahama island for the better part of 24 hours this week, churning up storm surge, dumping two-and-a-half feet of rain and wreaking havoc with wind ... The gravity of this has not yet set in.

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Despite continued efforts for growth and a thirst for stability in the islands, the Bahamas are always threatened by hurricanes ‘ every year, in the period between 1 June and 30 November. What else can we do but remain resilient and continue to build stronger?

In real time, Bahamians throughout the archipelago fortunate enough to escape Dorian’s wrath held their breath and watched in horror as familiar streets and homes were swallowed by the rising tide, and memories of generations birthed were washed away.

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