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I Wish Wwe Womens Tag Titles Were More Prominent Bayley

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I wish WWE women’s tag titles were more prominent: Bayley
(Aug 2019) She was the hottest superstar in 2017 when her run in WWE NXT had ignited fans all over the world to rally behind her. There was so much fan fare when she debuted on the main roster. The WWE Universe

Photos: Sasha Banks Reveals Striking New Hair Color On Instagram
(Aug 2019) Part of the reason for Banks’ departure was reportedly her frustration over how the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles were being used. Bayley seemed to agree with her. “I just wish they were more

Bayley EXCLUSIVE: Sasha Banks’ reaction to her winning a world title, Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff, Women’s tag titles and more
(Aug 2019) talkSPORT caught up with the first-ever women’s grand slam champion in WWE (only Alexa Bliss can also claim that accolade) ahead of her title match . “I just wish they were more,” Bayley

10 WWE Superstars Poised for Big Pushes for Rest of 2019
(Aug 2019) But there were better ways of accomplishing that without having their encounter end in anticlimactic fashion. Either way, if Orton didn’t take the title . to the WWE Universe and, more

Kingston, Rollins prevail, Canada goes 1-for-3 in so
(Aug 2019) None of the men’s tag team titles were on the line, and the women’s belts . Hart stops by to wish him good luck. Randy Orton (challenger) vs. Kofi Kingston (champion) – WWE Championship

WWE Raw Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from July 29
(since Jul, 2019) The Raw tag team titles were up for grabs . via stoppage to the Raw women’s champion. After the match, an angered Cross demanded a match against Lynch and got her wish. With Bliss watching

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