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[ India COVID19: Virus catastrophe worsens, ‘horrible’ weeks ahead ]

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Covid-19: India’s second wave is here. And the world’s largest vaccination programme may just not be enough

Image:’Sunil Ghosh/Hindustan Times via Getty ImagesIndia’s in the middle of a second wave of the Covid-19 outbreak. Over the past week, active cases in the country have been on the upswing, and daily cases have been crossing 50,000 regularly. The last time that happened was in October 2020, when India was emerging out of its first wave. Since then, cases had dropped significantly, even falling below 10,000 daily.

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How India’s coronavirus trauma is being made worse by vaccine challenges and feckless decisions

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COVID-19: Why India’s COVID spike means the world has to wait for its jabs

On 18 March, some younger Britons who may have been expecting to get their COVID jabs in the coming weeks, were told they would have to wait.

Among the reasons cited why the programme to offer coronavirus vaccinations to the under-50s would be delayed was supply problems in India.

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India is a key supplier for vaccines across the world, and over the weekend it was revealed Delhi is restricting exports to other countries because it needs to keep the jabs as it fights to contain a surge in cases.

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SOS messages, panic as virus breaks India’s health system

India was initially seen as a success story in weathering the pandemic, but the virus is now racing through its massive population of nearly 1.4 billion, and systems are beginning to collapse.

NEW DELHI ‘ Dr. Gautam Singh dreads the daily advent of the ventilator beeps, signaling that oxygen levels are critically low, and hearing his critically ill patients start gasping for air in the New Delhi emergency ward where he works.

Like other doctors across the country, which on Monday set another record for new coronavirus infections for a fifth day in a row at more than 350,000, the cardiologist has taken to begging and borrowing cylinders of oxygen just to keep his most critical patients alive for one more day.

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HT insight: Decoding India’s second wave and vaccine strategy

India reported 63,689 Covid-19 cases on Tuesday, taking the tally of active cases to 1,264,698 as infections continued to surge months after the country was thought to have brought the situation under control. With record cases reported almost daily, the second wave of Covid-19 is surging at a much faster rate than the first. At least 60,000 daily cases have been reported since April 8.

Hindustan Times has been covering the pandemic and its escalation through a series of reportage, data, commentary, and analysis-driven pieces. As the numbers surge, here are some of the pieces covering myriad aspects of the pandemic:

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