Inside Cuomo’s breakup with Sandra Lee: Ex

It was an open secret,’ one ex-aide claimed to the newspaper. ‘Andrew was sleeping with at least one other woman who wasn’t Sandra’ before they officially ended their relationship.

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A new report has claimed that Governor Andrew Cuomo‘s long-term relationship with celebrity chef Sandra Lee might have broken down due to suspicions of infidelity.

Lee, 54, has remained conspicuously silent since allegations first emerged that Cuomo sexually harassed female staffers – and now sources tell the New York Post that they suspect Cuomo was cheating on her with at least one aide.

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Inside Sandra Lee and Andrew Cuomo’s split: Gov’s cheating ‘an open secret,’ sources say

‘SANDREW’ was the perfect couple. The beautiful and warm TV cooking-show star softened the gruff, hard-charging governor’s sharp edges. Her telegenic smile seemed to transform his perpetual scowl.

In September 2019, the fairytale romance suddenly unraveled and a disbelieving public clamored to know why. Now, as a tornado of sexual-harassment charges swirls around Cuomo, the first clues may be’emerging.

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Andrew Cuomo’s ex Sandra Lee lands spot in People’s ‘Most Beautiful’

Less than two years after their breakup, his ex-love Sandra Lee has found herself in the pages of People magazine’s vaunted The Beautiful issue.

Lee, 54, was pictured in the ‘Beauties at every age’ section on Wednesday alongside fellow 50-somethings including Kelly Ripa, Vivica A.Fox, Celine Dion and Shania Twain.

Her relationship with Cuomo’s daughters ‘ Michaela, Cara and Mariah Kennedy-Cuomo ‘ is so good that she recently teamed up with Cara on her new documentary, ‘Ruth: Justice Ginsburg in her own words.’

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Andrew Cuomo’s ex Sandra Lee lands spot in People’s ‘Most Beautiful

‘Then it was just a massive headache with stuffy nose, minimum chest pain and then total exhaustion.’

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Amid the scrum of negative coverage, Lee said in February she wished nothing but ‘peace and healing’ to her social media followers.

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Gov may change Albany’s ways after all: Cuomo case could be moment when ‘forces are arrayed’ for progress

‘You know, we all say we want change. We understand we need to change, but we actually are creatures of habit at the end of the day and to make large-scale societal change is difficult. But’ there can be a moment in time where the forces are arrayed in such a way as to actually break through and create change.’

Still, the governor’s trying to hold his ground, claiming he’s defying ‘cancel culture’ and daring his party to push him out at his latest ridiculous last-minute phone briefing (all the better to avoid TV footage) supposedly about the virus, but obviously about political damage control. Asked point-blank about whether he’d had a consensual relationship with any of his accusers, Cuomo dodged the question and declared he’d never abused or harassed anyone.

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