Inside Gary Young Young Living. Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Young Living Ellen Pompeo teamed up with Young Living

[ Inside Gary Young’s criminal history, secret past, and his cultlike leadership of the Young Living ‘essential oils’ empire ]
The truth about Young Living’s Gary Young and his ‘essential oils’ empire …

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Ellen Pompeo teamed up with Young Living to introduce the company’s new baby-care line in May 2018. Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Young Living

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For Young Living members, the convention ‘ a high-energy spectacle held in downtown Salt Lake City during a few blisteringly hot days each summer ‘ is one of the most anticipated events of the year. It offers the opportunity to connect with other “oilies,” as many proudly call themselves, in person, rather than behind the bright screen of a computer or phone.

Later in last July’s opening ceremony, Young and Mary’s two teenage sons, Josef and Jacob, hopped on motorcycles and tore across the stage in a cloud of purple smoke. They lit a flaming display spelling out “25 Years” with torches, and then soared above the stage in harnesses as audience members stomped their feet, clapped their hands, and swayed their hips to the music blasting throughout the stadium.

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In 2010, sociologists Rachel Kalish and Michael Kimmel analyzed three school shootings ‘ two at colleges, Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois, the same college shootings cited by Sen. Kelly in his testimony, and the Harris and Klebold shooting at Columbine High School. Kalish and Kimmel found that the shootings had consistent patterns.

What Senate Bill 174 will likely do is create a new kind of campus shooting ‘ impulse shooting. Colleges are not idyllic ivory towers where students and faculty think high thoughts and then have tea. Colleges are tense places where sleep-deprived students often work a 40 hours a week, take care of kids and go to school full time. Substance abuse is common, anger is frequently just under the surface. Younger, tenure-track faculty are under immense pressure to meet expectations or be fired. A loaded gun in a backpack will easily become the means for an exploding psyche to end it all.

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Record Store Day: See the full list of this year’s releases

For just one day next month, over 500 limited edition music releases will hit the shelves of independent music shops in support of Record Store Day.

Now in its ninth year, Record Store Day 2016 will take place on Saturday, April 16 with brand new products from the likes of Foals, James Bay, Sia, Muse and Madonna featuring exclusively in your local record shops.

Over 250 labels will be putting out limited edition releases for this year’s Record Store Day, four out of five of which are independents.’

The event is partnering with BBC Music for this first time this year; and a host of special programming will take place across the BBC’s radio networks, in particular on BBC Radio 6 Music, where’Lauren Laverne’s show (10am-1pm) will be air live from a record store on Friday 15 April.’

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Britain: NUT warning on academy dangers The safety of pupils and staff could be undermined if schools opt to become academies outside of local authority control, teaching union NUT has warned. A guide from the union notes ‘there are plenty of strong arguments to be deployed as to why health and safety could be adversely affected by conversion to academy status, arguments which could prove persuasive to both teachers and parents.’ NUT guideRisks 487 ‘ 18 December 2010

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