Inside Sandra Oh’s Remarkably Private World: Disappointed Parents, Cruel Agents and Her Secret Romances

Taking the stage at last fall’s Emmy Awards, Sandra Oh announced her intentions to speak from the heart, then preceded to deliver one of the best bits of the entire three-hour broadcast. Well, sure.

First here as indicated. Check this link.

Well, sure. Though it’s safe to say’that wherever Park may be, he’s well aware of what his’old girlfriend is up to. Because while she might not consider herself a celebrity, a decades-long career has a way of making an actor fairly well-known.

* * *

It was her older sister Grace who encouraged her, pushing her towards her first role as the Wizard of Woe in her class musical The Canada Goose at age 10. At Sir Robert Borden High School, her drive’she founded an environmental club, leading a campaign against the use of styrofoam cups, and served as student council president’earned her a journalism scholarship to’Carleton University. But much to her parents’ chagrin, she turned it down for the chance to study at’the National Theatre School of Canada.’

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The Year in Quotes 2018: Highlights from Metro Weekly’s Interviews

‘Live music, period, is in danger. I’m such a fighter by spirit that once I sense that, I’m out for blood. I’m going to carry that damn banner as long as it takes, until they bury me in my piano.’ ‘American Pops Orchestra Founder and Musical Director Luke Frazier (‘Frazier’s Edge,’ 1/04)

‘Leather is a fetish, but there’s also a fashion side to it. It’s very expensive. And let me tell you, you have to stay a certain size once you get a piece of leather clothing made, because if not, there it goes.’ ‘Centaur Patrick Grady (‘The Secrets of MAL,’ 1/11)

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This Weekend’s Kids & Family Activities in Bronx

Jacob deGrom trade fits and possibilities

With the Mets sporting the second-to-worst record (11-27) in the Majors since the outset of May, the future of ace Jacob deGrom has become a popular topic of conversation.

And with deGrom’s free agency not arriving until the end of the 2020 season, a trade for the soon-to-be 30-year-old would likely fetch a prospect haul that could revitalize a Mets organization whose farm system is ranked in the lower third among MLB teams, according to MLB Pipeline.

* * *

With that in mind, the six contenders below are best equipped to meet those demands if the Mets are inclined to move deGrom this summer.

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Top 20 Most Damning Bible Contradictions | Bob Seidensticker

You’ve probably seen lists of Bible contradictions. Here are my favorites. Play along at home and see which of these are your list, too.

My focus here is just on contradictions in the Bible. These are mostly clashes between two sets of verses in the Bible, but some are the Bible clashing with reality. (I’ve written about the Bible clashing with science here.)

There are lots of contradictions that I find fairly trivial. For example, that Ahaziah was 22 (or 42) years old when he became king (2 Kings 8:26 vs. 2 Chronicles 22:2). Or that Solomon had made a basin that was ten cubits in diameter and thirty in circumference (1 Kings 7:23). The contradictions on this list are much more fundamental attacks on the Christian message.