Ivanka Trump responds to D.C. art exhibit ‘Ivanka Vacuuming’

Ivanka Trump responded Tuesday to a Washington, D.C., art exhibit in which a woman who resembles her continuously vacuums crumbs thrown toward her by gallery visitors.

“Women can choose to knock each other down or build each other up. I choose the latter,” the president’s daughter and adviser wrote in a tweet, accompanied by an article about the exhibit called “Ivanka Vacuuming.”

The installation, sponsored by CulturalDC and housed less than a mile from the White House, features a “woman bearing a striking resemblance to that Ivanka, cleaning a plush pink carpet” with a vacuum, a press release from the organization said.

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Ivanka Trump condemns look-alike art exhibit

‘Inspired by a figure whose public persona incorporates an almost comically wide range of feminine identities ‘ daughter, wife, mother, sister, model, working woman, blonde ‘Ivanka Vacuuming’is simultaneously a visual celebration of a contemporary feminine icon; a portrait of our own relationship to that figure; and a questioning of our complicity in her role-playing,’ a’press release‘on the project reads. ‘The public is invited to throw crumbs onto the carpet, watching as Ivanka elegantly vacuums up the mess, her smile never wavering. This process repeats itself for the entire duration of the performance.’

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Ivanka Trump Responds to Art Exhibit That Encourages Viewers to Throw Crumbs for Her to Vacuum

First daughter and White House adviser Ivanka Trump tweeted out a brief response Tuesday to a D.C. art exhibit that featured her look-alike vacuuming and encouraged the audience to throw crumbs at her.

The CulturalDC website notes that ‘entering the gallery space, viewers will notice a woman bearing a striking resemblance to that Ivanka, cleaning a plush pink carpet. In front of this scene is a white pedestal with a giant pile of crumbs on top.’

The artist, Jennifer Rubell, partially described some of her reasoning behind the odd performance art in a statement.

‘Here is what’s complicated: we enjoy throwing the crumbs for Ivanka to vacuum. That is the icky truth at the center of the work. It’s funny, it’s pleasurable, it makes us feel powerful, and we want to do it more,’ Rubell noted. ‘We like having the power to elicit a specific and certain response. Also, we know she’ll keep vacuuming whether we do it or not, so it’s not really our fault, right?’

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Ivanka Trump Responds To Art Installation Of Look

Ivanka Trump has subtly slammed an art installation that features a model who resembles her vacuuming up crumbs tossed by onlookers.

Trump quote-tweeted a ‘write-up by The Hill on the exhibit. Made by artist Jennifer Rubell, ‘Ivanka Vacuuming’ is on display at the Flashpoint Gallery in Washington, D.C., until Feb. 17 and features the look-alike in a pink dress and stilettos vacuuming breadcrumbs that onlookers can toss from a nearby pile.