Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, white men, top 2020 Democrats despite diversity push

BALTIMORE ‘ On a recent sunny afternoon in this solidly Democratic city, Rodney Gray vented frustration with his own party for allowing white men to dominate the 2020 presidential primary race.

Biden hasn’t endured what we’ve endured,’ said Mr. Gray, who is black. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders , white men , News Trevor Noah to Bernie Sanders : Should “Old White Men ” Step Aside? Slate 7 days ago but it feels like the frontrunners are still old white men ,” Noah said, referring to Sanders and former Vice President Joe Biden , ... He was referring to former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, who leads the Democratic race in most polls. ‘I want somebody who comes from where we come from. If that person didn’t endure what we endured, I’m not voting for them.’

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Poll: Buttigieg busts out in Iowa

Pete Buttigieg, the mayor from South Bend, Ind., is polling marginally ahead of a handful of candidates who entered the race with more established profiles. | Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Former Vice President Joe Biden leads the 2020 Democratic presidential field in Iowa, according to a new poll released Thursday that also suggests Pete Buttigieg ‘ a previously unknown, small-city mayor from Indiana ‘ is gaining significant traction with likely caucus-goers.

The Monmouth University poll shows Biden, who hasn’t officially entered the race, is the first choice of roughly a quarter of likely caucusgoers, 27 percent. Joe Biden Supporters Are Older And More Moderate — And Sticking With Him So ... FiveThirtyEight 2 days ago Bernie Sanders 24.8 ... percent of women chose Biden as their first choice) and men (31 percent). He was a bit more popular with ... He’s followed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) with 16 percent and Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Ind., with 9 percent.

Joe Biden leads 2020 Democratic field in new Iowa poll

Former Vice President Joe Biden is topping the 2020 Democratic presidential field in Iowa, according to a new Monmouth University poll released Thursday. CBSN political reporter Caitlin Huey-Burns and NPR’s Scott Detrow join CBSN’s “Red and Blue” to discuss the latest 2020 news.

Will Biden lead a ‘return to normalcy’ in 2020? | TheHill

Populism has always had two faces. Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, white men, top 2020 ... /news/2019/apr/11/ joe - biden -and... Strong name recognition was the most common explanation for why Mr. Biden and Mr. Sanders took early leads. “Remember, Bernie Sanders hasn’t stopped running for president and Joe Biden has not ... Trump’s populism is right wing. He demonizes immigrants. Videos for Joe Biden And Bernie Sanders , White Men , 0:38 Biden Still Top In Polls YouTube Sanders is a left-wing populist. 1:47 Democrats think Biden and Sanders can defeat Trump, not so sure about other hopefuls YouTube He demonizes the one percent. If you are looking for a Democratic counterpart to Trump ‘ tough, feisty, aggressive ‘ Sanders is your man.

But after four years of Donald Trump, a lot of voters don’t want tough, feisty, aggressive. They want calm, reassuring, familiar, comfortable.’

* * *

‘Return to normalcy’ doesn’t sound like an inspirational message for 2020. But it has worked before. Exactly 100 years before, in 1920, Warren Harding won a historic landslide (more than 60 percent of the vote) by promising a ‘return to normalcy’ after World War I.’ What that meant was a return to America’s longstanding tradition of isolationism. President Woodrow Wilson worked feverishly to persuade Americans to join the League of Nations and embrace a world leadership role. But the country wanted none of it.’

Joe Biden odds of winning nomination: They’re good

Joe Biden has a large and fairly consistent lead in early polling for the Democratic Party primary. According to Morning Consult’s polling, he’s also the stated second choice of Bernie Sanders’s supporters, Kamala Harris’s supporters, and Beto O’Rourke’s supporters. Elizabeth Warren is in fifth place according to this poll, and her supporters’ second choice is Sanders ‘ but their third choice is Biden.

But despite his polling lead, it’s commonplace among progressives to act as if Biden’s early strength is nothing but a consequence of name recognition and that he will inevitably fall by the wayside once actual campaigning gets underway.

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