Kidnapping, assassination and a London shoot

In 2017, as Julian Assange began his fifth year holed up in Ecuador’s embassy in London, the CIA plotted to kidnap the WikiLeaks founder,

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The conversations were part of an unprecedented CIA campaign directed against WikiLeaks and its founder. The agency’s multipronged plans also included extensive spying on WikiLeaks associates, sowing discord among the group’s members, and stealing their electronic devices.

President Trump’s newly installed CIA director, Mike Pompeo, was seeking revenge on WikiLeaks and Assange, who had sought refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy since 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden on rape allegations he denied. Pompeo and other top agency leaders ‘were completely detached from reality because they were so embarrassed about Vault 7,’ said a former Trump national security official. ‘They were seeing blood.’

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Netflix Movies Coming in 2022 and Beyond

Welcome to one of our biggest Netflix previews ever looking at all the Netflix Original movies coming to Netflix globally in 2022, 2023, and beyond.’

Now it’s important to state this isn’t every movie in development. We actually don’t think we’ve even covered half of the movies currently on their way.

We’re also only going to feature predominantly English language titles for the sake of not making this list last forever.

So without further ado, here’s our massive preview of movies coming to Netflix starting in 2022, into 2023, and beyond.

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Missing Van Buren County Woman Found Deceased

The search for a missing 64-year-old Decatur woman has come to a sad conclusion and a White Pigeon man is behind bars

Family members of Melody Rohrer say the 64-year-old left her home for a’run on the morning of Monday, September 20, 2021, and did not return.

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Melody ran’down 84th Street towards the Lake of the Woods boat launch. When Melody failed to return home family members searched for her and located her jacket and one of her shoes on 84th Street near 48th Street.

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Housing Development in Muskegon, Michigan Sits on Site of Forgotten Cemetery

I recently came across a post on social media that suggests that there are apartments and Baker College in Muskegon, Michigan which rest on top of a former burial site, and one person suggests there could still be human remains under the foundation.

Apparently, the Forest Home Cemetery established in 1982 had 24 total burials, was defunct in 1910 and the bodies of those who had passed away were moved to Oakwood Cemetery in Muskegon. Later, the plot of land which once held the cemetery would become the site of a government housing project in 1943 called Forest Homes.’Eileen B. left a comment that her relatives were actually buried in Forest Home and claims there’s a chance some bodies may still be there:

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No Time to Die: What to know before Daniel Craig’s 007 swan song hits the big screen

After 15 years, Daniel Craig‘s tenure as James Bond is sadly coming to a close. The actor will appear on the big screen as 007 one last time in No Time to Die. Directed and co-written by True Detective and Maniac veteran’Cary Fukunaga,’the long-delayed 25th Bond film is set to make history for the long-running franchise in several ways.

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