Korea’s Biggest Crypto Exchanges Have an Internal

South Korea’s top cryptocurrency exchanges, even as competitors, have launched a joint initiative to strengthen their anti-money laundering efforts.

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The exchanges will also set up a shared database of suspicious crypto wallet addresses. It would assist the companies to detect the distribution of larger-quantity amounts from multiple trading platforms to a single wallet. A shared database, according to the companies, will prevent such activities.

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Many things are taking place:

Po.et CEO steps down to return to the Washington Post

Jarrod Dicker has stepped down as CEO of’po.et, the decentralised media economy platform, to become The’Washington Post’s vice president of commercial technology and development, the newspaper confirmed yesterday.

Dicker, who spent less than a year in the’executive role, will’be replaced by’David Turner, currently Po.et’s head of product, and will retain an advisory role at the blockchain startup.

Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in 2019 (The Most Comprehensive Guide)

Welcome to the most comprehensive and detailed guide to the best cryptocurrency exchanges in 2019. Choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange is an important part of your crypto journey. It might be the first place you ever buy bitcoin. Or if you’re a seasoned trader, you might use a bitcoin exchange to trade hundreds of altcoins.

Block Explorer took on the challenge of narrowing down the options and compiling as much information as possible to help you decide. First’

In its simplest form, a crypto exchange is a place to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. However, crypto exchanges are not all equal. Some are designed for beginners, while others have complex features for pro traders.

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