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Carole Ghosn: ‘I’m a housewife, not a conniving woman’
on 16th of Jun 2019 Carole Ghosn knew her fight was going to get dirty when stories appeared implicating her in financial crimes allegedly committed by husband Carlos. I was painted as a ringleader, she claims. “I’m a

‘Pilots were not to blame for 737 crash’
on 16th of Jun 2019 The pilots of the Ethiopian Airline plane that crashed in March with the loss of 157 lives were not at fault, the airline’s chief executive has said. Criticisms of the crew’s actions were “seriously

Women’s World Cup: Lucy Bronze says England better after ‘painful’ loss in 2015
on 16th of Jun 2019 England were beaten by Japan in the 2015 semi-finals but their third-place finish was the best in the team’s history England are in a far better position to beat Japan than when the two sides met in a

Brexit uncertainty ‘hitting UK business investment’
on 16th of Jun 2019 Brexit worries will see business investment contract faster this year and recover more slowly next year than was previously thought, a report says. The British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) says firms

Argentina and Uruguay reel after massive power outage
on 16th of Jun 2019 Power has been restored to much of Argentina and Uruguay after a massive electrical failure left tens of millions of people in the dark. Argentine President Mauricio Macri has promised a full

A bridge made of grass
on 16th of Jun 2019 Every year the last remaining Inca rope bridge still in use is cast down and a new one erected across the Apurimac river in the Cusco region of Peru. The Q’eswachaka bridge is woven by hand and has

Tory leadership race: Contenders clash over Brexit
on 16th of Jun 2019 Contenders to replace Theresa May as Conservative leader have clashed over delivering Brexit during a TV debate. The MPs argued over whether a new deal could be renegotiated with the EU, and the

Germany’s far-right AfD party fails to win first mayor
on 16th of Jun 2019 Germany’s far-right Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has failed to win its first mayoral seat, after it lost a key election in the country’s east. Octavian Ursu of the centre-right Christian

What’s happening in the news this week?
on 16th of Jun 2019 It’s Monday, it’s a new week, and while we won’t pretend to know everything that’s going to happen over the next seven days, we have some sense of what’s coming up. Here’s your briefing on some of the

Mental health: Media industry probes ‘uncomfortable truth’
on 16th of Jun 2019 The film and television industry has launched its largest-ever survey into the mental health and wellbeing of its workforce. It marks the first phase of The Looking Glass study, led by the Film and

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