Lift-off for China-US rivalry over space’s new frontiers

During the cold war, US eyes were riveted on the Soviet Union’s rockets and satellites. But in recent years, it has been China’s space programmes that have most worried US strategists.

China, whose space effort is run by the People’s Liberation Army, today launches more rockets into space than any other country ‘ 39 last year, compared to 31 by the United States, 20 by Russia and eight by Europe.

On Thursday it landed a space rover on the dark side of the moon ‘ a first by any country ‘ and plans to build an orbiting space station in the coming decade. In the decade after that, it hopes to put a Chinese ‘taikonaut’ on the lunar surface to make the first moonwalk since 1972.

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China Just Landed on the Moon’s Far Side ‘ and Will Probably Send Astronauts on Lunar Trips

China’s historic robotic mission to the moon’s far side could just be a preview of some unprecedented human exploration of Earth’s nearest neighbor a few years down the road.

It’s therefore likely that China has serious crewed lunar ambitions that don’t involve simply retracing the steps of NASA’s Apollo astronauts, experts say. [China’s Chang’e 4 Farside Moon Landing in Pictures]

“I think what we will see will be either more people, a more extended stay, or maybe landing at a pole ‘ something that’ll make people say, ‘Wow! That’s not just replicating what other people have done,'” Dean Cheng, a senior research fellow at The Heritage Foundation who’s an expert on China’s space program, told

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China and the US should be allies, not foes, in space

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World War 3: US fears China to wage SPACE WARFARE after historic far side of Moon landing

China made a huge leap forward in space exploration on Thursday by successfully landing an unmanned probe on the Moon’s far side. But numerous experts have warned of the dangers of China’s space exploration programme. They point to the growing chasm between peaceful US scientific programmes devoted to exploration and discovery, and Chinese plans to turn space into what US vice-president, Mike Pence, has described a ‘war-fighting domain’.

On Thursday China landed a robotic spacecraft called Chang’e 4 on the far side of the Moon in a space exploration world first, touching down at 10.26am local time (2.26am GMT), according to Chinese state media.

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Space: The new frontier of the US-China rivalry

A Long March 3B rocket lifts off from the Xichang launch centre in Xichang in China’s southwestern Sichuan province early on December 8, 2018. China launched a rover early on December 8 destined to land on the far side of the moon, a global first that would boost Beijing’s ambitions to become a space superpower, state media said. Source: STR/AFP

NOT satisfied with challenging US supremacy in politics and trade, China is looking to a new frontier that for too long has been dominated by America ‘ space.

Beijing’s mission to be the first in the world to land a prob on the far side of the moon is about to be realised, with the Chang’e-4 due to touch down on Jan 3. But this is just the first in a long line of planned space-exploration milestones, including ambitious plans to operate a manned lunar base by 2030.